OTHER ORBITS, a Science Fiction Immersive Experience, Comes to Philadelphia This July

-Courtesy of Bryan Buttler Media Relations, LLC
photo by Wide Eyed Studios

A fantastic alien universe descends on North Philadelphia as audiences are invited into the premiere of Other Orbits, a science fiction immersive experience. From Applied Mechanics, “Philadelphia’s most unusual theater company” (Philly Weekly) comes a spectacular, accessible installation where audiences can interact with alien species – mysterious AIs, walruses made of fungi, sentient microphones, flirtatious bacteria and many more. The immersive experience takes over the entirety of Standby Stages film studio in Kensington to create a truly unforgettable, 360 degree experience that transports audiences to another world from July 9 through 22.

Set in the ruins of a failed human colony, Other Orbits depicts a planet where mutants evolved into a cooperative society and tried to do better than their homo sapien ancestors. Part diplomatic meeting, part interspecies mixer, Other Orbits blurs the line between work and play as the characters rub shoulders with audience members and struggle towards solutions for their most pressing problems. Will they put aside their differences and dance? Will they avoid planetary disaster? And who is going to judge the alien karaoke contest? 

Other Orbits, directed by Rebecca Wright, features Eppchez!, Severin Blake, Rich Bradford, Thomas Choinacky, Jessica Hurley, Justin Jain, Anthony Martinez-Briggs, Brett Ashley Robinson, Izzy Sazak, and MK Tuomanen. Sound design is by Liz Atkinson, costume design is by Nikki Dellhomme, set design by Deb O, and lighting design by Maria Shaplin. The performance installation is the cumulation of a multi-year serial performance piece with episodes in many different formats, from a radio station to a tabletop role-playing game to a comic book to, now, a live performance. Previous episodes are available by visiting www.appliedmechanics.us/shows/other-orbits/.

Other Orbits is appropriate for ages 10+. The show takes place at Standby Stages, 2033 E. Silver Street, Philadelphia.  Other Orbits is made possible by lead support from the William Penn Foundation. The venue is wheelchair accessible and there is parking on site. Tickets and information at https://applied-mechanics.ticketleap.com/other-orbits/.

About Applied Mechanics
Applied Mechanics is a visionary, multiracial collective of queer and genderqueer theater artists. We make performances that surround you: in theaters, warehouses, galleries, schools, punk rock venues, in the streets, online, and in your own home.  Our work creates lush, layered spaces that envelop the audience.  Multiple histories unfold there, and each weaves a different perspective — you choose which thread to follow. At every turn, there is an invitation: you might choose to join a dinner party, dance at a concert, start a protest, or spin the dial on a radio station. Seating is optional, accessibility is primary, and each audience member creates their own experience. Welcome! We’re so glad you are here. Our plays tell stories of radical transformation. We reimagine history in order to envision a more just future — the most urgent work of this generation. We are calling a new society into being. The society we want is collaborative and non-hierarchical. It is unapologetically pro-Black, pro-Indigenous, ecofeminist and anti-capitalist. The way we make art is inextricable from the art we make. Our work empowers artists and enkindles community with audiences. We want our collaborators – artists and audiences alike – to leave our performances inspired towards agency, connection, wild imagination, mutual aid, and the joyful work of building new futures.

About William Penn Foundation
The William Penn Foundation, founded in 1945 by Otto and Phoebe Haas, is dedicated to improving the quality of life in the Greater Philadelphia region through efforts that increase educational opportunities for children from low-income families, ensure a sustainable environment, provide inclusive and equitable public spaces and arts and culture experiences, and advance philanthropy in the Philadelphia region. Learn more at www.williampennfoundation.org.

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