One Weekend Only: World Premiere of New Comedy from Moorestown Playwright

A new comedy by Moorestown playwright Alex Wilkie will make its world premiere at the Ritz Theatre Company, a historic New Jersey venue, from April 28th to 30th.

In Wilkie’s hilarious new play, directed by Lori Aleixo-Howard, it’s the pious versus the pagan, where the only certainty is chaos, complication, and laughter. Heathens on the Beach takes place during the darkest days of the Middle Ages as the sheltered life of the nuns of Piddlewick Abbey gets upended by the news that Vikings have attacked a nearby monastery. The surviving monks retreat to the nunnery, and while the nuns are terrified, they are determined not to abandon their beloved home without a fight.

The Ritz has staged previous works by Wilkie, including 2018’s Spy House. He is an artistic and audience favorite.

Heathens on the Beach echoes the work of Mel Brooks, the Monty Python gang and other classic comedians,” says director Lori Aleixo-Howard. “While I won’t claim historical accuracy will be upheld during the staging of this play, I’m willing to guarantee a laugh per minute.”

Heathens on the Beach runs from April 28 to April 30, 2023. Tickets are $27.

Learn more here.

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