Evil Genius Beer and Bake’N Bacon Team Up on New Bacon Chocolate Strawberry Ale

-Courtesy of Aversa PR & Events
photo by Morgan Rogers Burns Photography

 In 2019, Bake’n Bacon quickly became the buzz in the food truck scene with their bacon exclusive menu. Now, hot off the heels of the announcement of their new restaurant located at 1148 S. 11th Street, Bake’n Bacon has revealed that they are partnering with another Philadelphia based brand to create a truly iconic product. A limited-edition, bacon inspired beer brewed in collaboration with Evil Genius Beer Company.

Evil Genius Beer Co, founded in 2011, prides itself on their “Very Silly Names for Very Serious Beers” mantra and have quickly become recognized for their witty beer names often citing fan-favorite movie quotes, hilarious memes, and timeless song lyrics. Over the past few years, the Philadelphia based brewers have been in the spotlight with major collaborations among industry leaders such as Auntie Anne’s, White Castle, and Sheetz. Now Evil Genius is going back to its roots and sharing the spotlight with the savory up and comers from Bake’n Bacon.

“When we heard about a bacon themed food truck we knew we had to try it. So we invited the guys from Bake’n Bacon out to a food truck festival at the brewery and instantly hit it off. Between both of our delicious offerings and iconic branding we knew we could make something truly unique”, said Trevor Hayward, co-founder of Evil Genius.

The beer, dubbed, Tast-E Bacon is a riff on one of Bake’n Bacon’s best selling desserts, the sweet and savory combination that is the chocolate covered strawberry topped with bacon crumbles. Tast-E Bacon, a 5.0% ABV ale, was brewed with a base of smoked malt for that sweet bacon tasting note and lightly hopped to let the addition of all natural chocolate and strawberry flavors shine through. Evil Genius notes that no actual bacon was used in the brewing process so the beer is safe for everyone to enjoy regardless of their dietary restrictions.

“2023 has been an exciting year for us”, said Bake’n Bacon founder Justin Coleman. “We’re opening our first brick and mortar restaurant in South Philadelphia later this Spring and we get to debut our first beer collaboration along with it. This collaboration has been super fun and we are so excited for everyone to try it. We also can’t wait to pour it at our bar when our restaurant opens in South Philly later this spring or summer. But more on that soon.”

Tast-E Bacon will be available starting on Saturday, April 22nd at Evil Genius and Bake’n Bacon’s upcoming block party. The event runs from 12-6pm at Evil Genius’ front street location and is both free to attend and family friendly. It will feature live music from the Lenahan Band, free axe throwing courtesy of ThrowHouse, face painting, the Bake’n Bacon food truck and more. 

Bake’N Bacon will sizzle up the following menu this Saturday at Evil Genius:

Thick-cut bacon, cheese Doritos and melted cheese on brioche bread, giving your mouth the crunch and savory bite that it’s been looking for.

Shredded buffalo chicken with thick-cut applewood smoked bacon and drizzled with ranch dressing to make those buffalo lovers happy.

Marinated grilled chicken breast, thick-cut bacon, smoked bacon-infused barbeque sauce, onion rings, and melted cheese on brioche bread. This is a tall sandwich; Only tall taste buds need to apply.

If bacon and cheese weren’t enough… try adding pickled jalapeños and fresh cut jalapeños for extra spice and flavor, plus our cilantro-jalapeño sauce. This sandwich is cheesy with a golden toast that makes it perfect if you are a fan of both jalapeño and bacon.

Marinated grilled chicken breast, thick-cut bacon, ranch drizzle, and melted cheese on brioche bread. With these three ingredients, you can never go wrong.

Thick-cut bacon, our special baked mac & cheese, and smoked chipotle tomato sauce on brioche bread. This sandwich is messy but finger-lickin’ good.

Your two favorite meats together – thick-cut bacon with smoked brisket and our bacon BBQ sauce on brioche bread. This sandwich is twice the bacon plus the brisket, making for the perfect equation.

A meat lover’s dream!  Thick-cut bacon, smoked brisket, and grilled chicken with melted cheese on brioche bread. These three original gangstas have come together to take over this sandwich empire!

Marinated grilled chicken breast, thick-cut bacon, tomato, fresh pesto sauce, balsamic glaze, and melted cheese on brioche bread. This one is a fan favorite and the flavor combinations can surely explain why.

Your favorite smoked brisket and our Bourbon Teriyaki sauce on brioche bread.

Most places say loaded but skip out on loading.   Here we LOAD the toppings on! French Fries loaded with thick-cut bacon, homemade cheese sauce, jalapeños, and green onion, drizzled with zesty ranch.

Mac & Cheese smoked chipotle tomato sauce topped with BOTH bacon crumbles and shaved brisket.

Mac & Cheese plated and topped with homemade smoked chipotle tomato sauce and bacon crumbles. These flavors come together in perfect harmony.

After this date the beer will be available for a limited time in four packs of 16oz cans exclusively at Evil Genius. In addition, the ale will make an appearance both in cans and on tap at Bake’n Bacon’s new restaurant when it opens later this Spring at 1148 South 11th Street.

Stay tuned for more info about Philadelphia’s one and only bacon-inspired restaurant – coming to South Philadelphia this spring by Bake’N Bacon. Details coming soon for a late spring or early summer opening.

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