The American Revolution cast member Kiersten M. Adams talks about the family friendly performance during Philly Theatre Week

You only have a few more chances to catch the The American Revolution featuring Philadelphia-based actors Myriam Bloom, Brooke Shilling, Craig Storrod, Connor Hogan, Frankie Ferrari, and Kiersten M. Adams. This presentation also marks the Philadelphia debut of actor Nathan Alford-Tate. Theater Unspeakable Producing Artistic Director Marc Frost leads the seven-artist cast on an imaginative journey through history performed entirely atop a three-by-seven-foot stage. The American Revolution features a family-friendly retelling of the country’s founding, combining tongue-in-cheek humor with imaginative physical theater in under 60 minutes. The show takes place through April 1st only, during Philly Theatre Week, at Christ Church Neighborhood House (20 North American Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106), a 150-person venue a short walk from Independence Hall adjacent to the historic Christ Church.

Below, cast member Kiersten M. Adams talks about Theatre Unspeakable’s American Revolution, all of her roles in the show, and what audiences can expect from this unique version of the birth of America.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about Theater Unspeakable’s The American Revolution and what audiences can expect?
A: The American Revolution show is a larger-than-life production on a smaller-than-normal stage. Audiences can expect to see something totally new and fun that might challenge them a little at first.

Q: How did you get involved with Theater Unspeakable? Why did you want to be a part of this show?
A: My first time working with Theater Unspeakable was in The American Revolution show’s first Philadelphia run last year. I was initially interested in working on this show because it was something new. I was excited to try, and to this day, I have never done anything comparable.

Q: What roles do you play in the performance?
A: My main role in the show is Martha Washington. I also play Benjamin Franklin and a few other small rolls (including but not limited to a desk, the bottom of a quarter, smoke, and bits of paper).

Q: This show is performed in just 50 minutes. What’s your favorite scene or story from this version of our country’s founding?
A: It is tough to choose a favorite from the inside of the experience. I would have to say I love any of the scenes between Ashley and the King.

Q: What is your personal favorite historic site or museum in Philadelphia?
A: My personal favorite historic site and museum in Philadelphia is the Eastern State Penitentiary. That building is full of history and insight into life for people in the past and the American prison system.

Q: This is a family-friendly production, what do you hope young audience members take away from this version of The American Revolution?
A: I hope everyone leaves the show with some little piece of trivia, and the will and the want to go learn more when they leave.

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