Order Up- You have until March 12th to get a serving of Clyde’s at Arden Theatre Company

-Brenda Hillegas
photo by Ashley Smith, Wide Eyed Studios

The Arden welcomes audiences back to the Arcadia Stage for the Philadelphia premiere of  Lynn Nottage’s Tony nominated Clyde’s. This is the most produced show in the country for theatre’s 2022-2023 season and for very good reasons. Clyde’s is incredible. Having missed the limited engagement on Broadway last year, this one act play was on my short list of shows I was most excited for in Philadelphia.

Tiffany Barrett shines as the title character. Clyde is the fierce, take-no-crap owner of a truck stop sandwich shop where she insists that her employees do what they’re told and stay off the radar. No creative sandwiches, get the order made and ding the bell. Next! For those employees though, creating a bigger and better sandwich (you’ll be drooling as you hear their ideas) is a metaphor for their dreams and ultimate goals. The kitchen staff at Clyde’s- Walter DeShields as Montrellous, J Hernandez as Rafael, Kishia Nixon as Letitia, and Brian Cowden as Jason- were all once incarcerated and as we learn their stories, we realize how unfair it is for them to be stuck in a repetitive job without other options.

You’ll leave wishing that Clyde’s really exists because, unfortunately, the perfect sandwich is just out of reach. Through conversations and shared ideas, you really want the best for this group of workers and hope they truly find something beyond the kitchen. Clyde’s is a wonderful show with an amazing cast of local actors who show up each day and bring to life some of the most passionate characters I’ve seen all season.

Catch Clyde’s before the final shift. Tickets are available here. Use code SLICE for $30 tickets – Offer good for Friday and Sunday evening performances!

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