Broads- a comedy cabaret celebrating the funniest badasses of the 20th Century

-Brenda Hillegas
Feature photo: Melanye Finister, Rebecca Robbins, and Mary Elizabeth (“MB”) Scallen in BROADS. Photo credit_ Mark Garvin

1812 Productions’ Artistic Director Jennifer Childs just curated a hilarious cabaret show that should not be missed. Broads plays through February 26th and highlights some of the boldest, funniest, naughtiest ladies in comedy that paved the way for your favorite performers today. If you thought comedians were x-rated now, you would not believe what the women of our past were doing! Come find out.

Broads features a trio of Philadelphia performers- Melanye Finister, Rebecca Robbins and MB Scallen- who channel icons from the 1920s to the 1960s. Through songs, stories and dirty jokes, you’ll meet and learn about Sophie Tucker, Belle Barth, Moms Mabley, Mae West and more. Find out who they were, what they said, and why they were broads! It’s a great 75 mins of comedy, with some history lessons thrown in about the women you’ll “meet’ on stage and the reasons we still celebrate them today.

Most importantly, Broads reminds us all what we should already know- be unapologetic, take up the space that you deserve, and say what’s on your mind! Be a badass and be YOU! Don’t be afraid to give the finger or shake your boobies if you feel like it. Maybe some day, you’ll be recognized on stage too. Let’s hope Broads is revisited for many years, with new comedians and stories each time.

For more information and tickets, visit Arrive early to get a cocktail so you can raise your glass along with Melanye, Rebecca and MB!

You can also read Marialena Rago’s interview with Jennifer Childs in the latest issue of RowHome Magazine. Marialena couldn’t join me on opening night, but don’t worry- I told her some of those dirty jokes as soon as the show was over!

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