Head to South Bowl And Join A Bowling League This Winter

-Courtesy of En Route Marketing

This winter, head to South Bowl, located at 19 E Oregon Avenue, and get ready for weekly fun while participating in one of many themed bowling leagues! From a “Craft Beer” themed league to social and competitive leagues, South Bowl offers options for all levels of bowlers.

South Bowl’s size makes it the perfect space for bowling league play. Leagues run Monday through Thursday nights at 6:30 and 9 p.m. start times. Teams consist of up to six players, with four bowlers per game. Teams bowl three games each night. Throughout the evening, league participants can enjoy both food and drink specials. At the end of the season, bowlers celebrate the season at a party hosted by South Bowl. Additionally, league participants compete for trophies and prizes.

The 25,000-square-foot bi-level space was originally a former tomato and vegetable packing plant, later transformed into a stylish retro bowling space. South Bowl can accommodate 600 guests and boasts 26 bowling lanes, two full-sized bars, multiple lounges, and a rooftop deck. Another highlight of the facility is its extensive mix of games, from billiard tables to over 20 retro arcade games, foosball, darts, and air hockey.

South Bowl utilizes state-of-the-art Qubica AMF bowling lanes with BES X, the latest bowler entertainment and scoring systems technology. South Bowl offers bumpers and the necessary equipment to help get the ball rolling for little ones. The bowling alleys are spread throughout the complex and designed to present bowlers with a range of experiences. The main hall features 16 lanes, used for regular and league play. Each lane can host up to six players. Even the bowling alley seating is unique; benches were built using reclaimed pre-1940 Maplewood from shuttered bowling alleys throughout Pennsylvania and upstate New York.

Interested individual bowlers and groups can learn more HERE.

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