Watermelon Bathtub Presents “Bodies” at Philly PACK Saturday December 17

-Courtesy of Perpetual Motion PR
photo by Wide Eyed Studios

“Bodies” is presented by Watermelon Bathtub, a partnership of circus artists working to explore pathways of storytelling by understanding and working with body identity and movement to reflect on social constructions in our communities.  “Bodies” will show at Philly PACK- 233 Federal Street- on December 17th, 2022 at 6:30pm. Tickets cost $25 with discounts available- https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/5600805

“Bodies”, the award winning show, is back with two new cast members!  In this show, we challenge the cast and audience to ask, what is the relationship that you have with your body? At times we can feel deeply connected, sometimes it is really difficult, and sometimes even comical.  Have you ever had a tough time expressing the complexities of how your experience felt? “Bodies” is a cabaret style circus piece that explores these dynamic relationships that we have with our bodies, with emphasis on reducing stigma by showcasing authentic, relatable, and tangible first person narratives that combine spoken word and circus movement.

  • Stories Stories showcase narratives from various artists whose experiences are very often not told on stage.
  • The performance increases access by creating audio transcripts of spoken word and written movement descriptions in a digital program.
  • Venue is wheelchair accessible, with flexible seating configurations, including floor space with mats, relaxed performance, fidgets and sensory tools are welcome and encouraged, ASL interpreters.

On September 24th 2022, in conjunction with The Philadelphia Fringe Arts Festival and Circus Campus Presents, Watermelon Bathtub premiered the award winning, sold out show, “Bodies”, ultimately Overall Best Circus Show for the 2022 Fringe Arts Festival with 17 shows in the same category.

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