A bar for dogs and humans is coming to Fairmount in Spring 2023

-Courtesy of Peter Breslow Consulting & Public Relations

A new, locally owned indoor-outdoor dog bar is opening in the former North Star Bar next spring. Combining cocktails and wagging tails, The Boozy Mutt is an off-leash dog park, bar, and grill allowing customers to let their four-legged best friends play and romp throughout the facility, all while dog lovers enjoy craft cocktails, beers, a bite to eat, and a front row seat to the mutt madness.

The 7,500 square-foot indoor-outdoor facility with 140 seats will open late Spring 2023 at 2639 Poplar Street in Philadelphia’s Fairmount neighborhood by newlywed entrepreneurs Sam and Allison Mattiola. 

“After adding our dog, Buda, to the family shortly after the pandemic began, we quickly became familiar with the many challenges associated with owning a dog in the city,” noted Sam. “We were in search of a better way to get Buda exercise and socialize him, but we also wanted to enjoy ourselves. We set out to create a space where friends could come together without feeling guilty about leaving their dogs at home. The concept of combining the best parts of a dog park with our favorite neighborhood gastropub was too exciting to ignore.”

This interactive new concept invites dog owners and dog lovers alike to spend quality time together in a safe, fun, and upscale environment. Humans get to enjoy the ambiance, elevated bar food, and upscale beverages while their furry friends socialize inside the two-story building or in the outdoor yard. There will even be a menu for pooches to enjoy a selection of treats.

Sam and Allison are working closely with the Philadelphia Health Department to ensure that the business is up to code to be fully operational to allow dogs both inside and outside off leash. 

“You’ll no longer need to walk your dog in the rain or snow,” said Allison. “This will be a game changer during inclement weather, as you’ll now be able to enjoy yourself when ‘going for a walk’ on a rainy day or night, and the dogs can entertain themselves and everyone else inside the bar.”

Don’t have a dog? No problem. You don’t need a dog to join in on the fun.

“Everyone’s welcome at The Boozy Mutt,” said Allison. “The idea of inclusivity is what prompted the name. Plus, watching dogs play is such a fun and therapeutic experience.” Expect to see rules and requirements similar to a doggie daycare. All dogs will be required to join one of three membership options to keep everyone safe, while offering members access to higher end amenities and special offers. Daily passes will also be available for those just looking to ‘sniff around.’ For humans 21+, there are no requirements or entry fees.

To ensure the ulti-mutt experience for the dogs and guests alike, The Boozy Mutt team will include trained “Rufferees” stationed throughout the facility. Rufferees will not only keep the dog play in check, but will also help to keep everyone safe, replenish water bowls, and maintain cleanliness.

 Other amenities include:

·       Large Flatscreen TVs

·       Weekend Brunch Service

·       Turfed Outdoor Yard

·       A Self-Service Dog Bath Station

·       Private Event Space to Celebrate Birthdays, Gotcha Days, and other Special Occasions

·       Community Events 

“One of our favorite things to do as a couple is host our friends, family, and their dogs at our home,” beamed Allison. “We want nothing more than to create a place that fosters the same welcoming and fun experience for our community. Not to mention, we are honored to be the next tenants in the legendary former North Star Bar.” 

Learn more at www.theboozymutt.com or follow on Instagram @theboozymutt.

About Allison & Sam Mattiola– The newly married couple met in 2015 and live in the Olde Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia. The two have always dreamed of being entrepreneurs, and came up with the idea for The Boozy Mutt during the pandemic as a fun quarantine project. By putting one foot in front of the next, this dream blossomed into a reality upon signing the lease for the new location in July of 2022.

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