Northern Liberties Presents Giant Neighborhood Art Crawl with Return of Artists at Work on Second Saturday

-Courtesy of Aversa PR & Events

Northern Liberties Business Improvement District announces the return of Artists at Work on Saturday, November 12, 2022, from 4:00pm to 6:00pm. The neighborhood comes alive this fall with a special art crawl that will feature live music, plus crafters and artists live-creating in pop-up spaces and shops around Northern Liberties. This episode of Artists at Work is the largest to date for the program with 19 locations. Attendees will be able to stop and talk with painters, sculptors, knitters, collagers and more to learn about their process and inspiration. New for edition, look for collaborations with Cosa Cosa, The Clay Studio and Almanac Dance Circus Theater. The event is rain or shine, and free to attend. Make it a day in Northern Liberties for Second Saturday with the brand-new Northern Liberties Farmers’ Market Pop-up from 10:00am to 2:00pm at the Piazza Alta Courtyard. For a full list of artists and shops, plus more about the Farmers’ Market Pop-up, visit:

Sponsored by the Penn Treaty Special Services District, Artists at Work celebrates Northern Liberties’ past and present as a district of creative, independent spirits by activating nineteen storefronts with live art-making. This is major growth for the program that started during the pandemic for social distancing and has now expanded to become a semi-annual tradition and signature event for the expanding neighborhood.

“Northern Liberties has long been a place for creative people, and Artists at Work highlights that artistic spirit and our unique community,” said Northern Liberties Business Improvement District Executive Director Kristine Kennedy. “We’re really excited to include artists by way of Cosa Cosa, a collaborative engaged in public art creation, and to be able to host The Clay Studio and Almanac Dance Circus Theater. People can explore our historic streets and get to know our businesses while learning a little bit about how different art mediums are used.”

Artists at Work is a family friendly walking tour that will take place at 19 locations throughout Northern Liberties with artists setting up outside inside storefronts depending on their medium and needs. New this session is Almanac Dance Circus Theater who will be performing as a duo at the former Creative Coloring Box Learning Center at 632 N 2nd St. Almanac is fresh off their highly successful Cannonball Festival and will feature performers from that festival. Get your hands dirty at The Clay Studio sculpture table located at the new Brotherly Love Gallery at 623 N 2nd St, where anyone can join in forming a sculpture from clay.

Participating locations November include:

1040 Creative, 1040 N 2nd St Suite 301
Brotherly Love Gallery, 623 N 2nd St
Casa Papel, 804 N 2nd St
Creative Coloring Box Learning Center (former), 632 N 2nd St
Creep Records, 1050 N Hancock St Suite #76
Jerry’s Bar, 129 W Laurel St
Just Cravings, 946 N 2nd St
Once Worn Consignment, 904 N 2nd St
Pera Turkish Cuisine, 944 N 2nd St
Ray’s Reusables, 935 N 2nd St
SET NoLibs, 1030 N 2nd St
Starbucks, 1018 N 2nd St
The 700, 700 N 2nd St
The Fairmount House, 206 Fairmount Ave
The GHOST Collective, 1040 N 2nd St #401
The Random Tea Room & Curiosity Shop, 713 N 4th St
The Spite Haus, 616 N 2nd St
Trunc, 929 N 2nd St
Tuck Barre & Yoga, 1100 N Front St Suite 104

Almanac Dance Circus
At 632 N 2nd St
Almanac Dance Circus Theatre is an award-winning, Philadelphia-based, contemporary circus company dedicated to original works of genre-defying art. Since its founding, Almanac has premiered 11 full-length shows, touring across the United States and internationally in Mexico and the United Kingdom. Almanac’s virtuosic improvised and commissioned performances have been featured at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, FringeArts, New York Live Arts, New York Botanical Gardens, and beyond. Almanac is also know for innovative, community-centered event production, as exemplified by Rocky Award-winning Fit Fest and acclaimed Cannonball Festival, which produced 28 full-length works in 2021, 12 of which were awarded weekly audience choice, and three Fringie Award-winning productions.

Through hybrid experimentation, deep narratives, and open environments of circus learning, Almanac gives audiences access to a little bit (or a lot of) everything so they can experience the vicarious thrill of performance without barriers. Almanac company members come from a range of backgrounds including theatre, dance, circus, gymnastics, education, event production, and advocacy. We celebrate our ensemble’s range of experience and expertise and uplift the notion that we can do more together than we ever could apart.  

Clay Studio
At the Brotherly Love Gallery, 623 N 2nd St
The Clay Studio inspires curiosity and discovery around the art and craft of clay, drawing together students, artists, and an engaged public into a welcoming community. Every day, in our classrooms, studios, galleries, and neighborhoods, we deepen the connection between people and clay with the highest quality programs and exhibitions. Founded in 1974, The Clay Studio continues in the belief that shared creativity, so fundamental to humanity, is a critical force for good.

Anastasia Alexandrin
At The Random Tea Room & Curiosity Shop, 713 N 4th St
Anastasia draws because she has to.  Drawing is life and breath to this artist whose technique and vision belies her youth.  Alexandrin believes that art should be about celebrating beauty and aesthetics, a view that has long been overshadowed by a quest to be different for different’s sake or modern without a dedication to truth.  She is equally passionate about returning the art world to truth and beauty as she is to communicating via pencil and paper.  

Charlyn Dahilig
At Starbucks, 1018 N 2nd St
Charlyn was born in Norfolk, Virginia but spent her childhood growing up on all coasts. fascinated by the different cultures of each city lived in– she began an early interest in people and their connection with one another. Earning a bachelor’s degree in arts, focusing in photography from Virginia Wesleyan and a master’s degree in leadership and marketing management, she has had the honor of photographing many fields.

It was her love for documenting the intimacy of their deeply rooted relationship in love, life and its surroundings that helped her quickly discover a passion for editorial wedding and portraits photography. Charlyn’s free time is spent chasing quality food, latte art, new exhibits at local museums and time with her honey, close friends and family. Charlyn currently resides in Philadelphia and travels between both coasts.

Sheena Garcia
At Creep Records, 1050 N Hancock St, Suite 76
Sheena Garcia is a Philadelphia born artist, curator and arts educator. Born and reared in the Northern Liberties section of the City. Ms. Garcia studied Painting & Art Education at the University of the Arts. Ms. Garcia continued her independent explorations of art during her travels in Europe and North Africa. During her travels abroad, Ms. Garcia was able to discover her artistic voice through independent study in Madrid Spain, Lisbon Portugal and Morocco, North Africa. In North Africa, Ms. Garcia had the opportunity to explore contemporary textile arts upon her visits to the Moroccan schools of art and textiles in Tangiers. Most recently, Sheena has been accepted to Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education & Harvard Business School’s Certificate in School Management (CSML) program and has received a certificate in Women’s Leadership and Management from Yale University’s School of Management, Executive Education. Sheena also has a certificate in Art Business Essentials from Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London.

Peaches Goodrich
At Jerry’s Bar, 129 W Laurel St
Peaches Goodrich is an illustrator, filmmaker, animator, and musician. Born in Atlanta, currently in Philadelphia, Peaches collaborates with Sam Sharpe on the smorgasbord comics anthology Viewotron, creates experimental 16mm film animations, and performs with the disco-punk outfit Boston Cream.

Keith Warren Greiman
At The Fairmount House, 206 Fairmount Ave
Keith Warren Greiman lives and works in Philadelphia, PA. Greiman’s paintings, prints and drawings focus on humans as conduits of the gritty, vibrant energy that propels our day to day living. His bright and animated images of real and supernatural beings depict life, captured in experience, being ascendant, melancholic and at all times wild.

Keith’s work has been shown in various galleries and publications from all over and everywhere. Some clients include LA Times, Village Voice, Newsweek, the Fader, Ace Hotels, Fantagraphics, the Utne Reader, and Willamete Week. His work has been recognized by American Illustration, The Society of Illustrators and Graphics.

Jeremy Grites
At Pera Turkish Cuisine, 944 N 2nd St
Hatched in Baltimore, educated in New York City and nurtured in Philadelphia, outsider artist Jsgrites creates images that are at once a product and reflection of the working class, symbolizing its victories as well as failures. The cultural-detritus assemblages that he produces are cockeyed glances at the absurdity of everyday life – its joys, sorrows and contemplations. The materials that he uses have largely been discarded, which is acutely relevant to the culture that he is subjected to and upon which he is commenting. Informed by literature, travel, music, pain and harmony, the pieces are meant to provoke thought and feeling in the moment, while remaining fluidly relevant with the passage of time.  Still early in his career, his works have already found homes with collectors around the country and globe.

William Hilton
At The 700, 700 N 2nd St
William Hilton has worked as an interdisciplinary artist and master craftsman for over 30 years. His favorite subjects include plants, flowers, animals, and all other aspects of the natural world. He was born in Philadelphia and is a longtime resident of Nicetown-Tioga.

Pauline Houston McCall
At the 1040 Creative, 1040 N 2nd St, Suite 301
Pauline Houston McCall is a multimedia artist, vocalist and activist who believes deeply in connecting the threads between many disciplines.  Her large paintings and sculptures and intimate drawings have graced exhibitions throughout the tri-state area, with a deep focus on the falling and rising of the human spirit, told through figurative imagery and stories.  She has designed and painted multiple indoor and exterior murals in Philadelphia and is involved in the bold beautification of neighborhoods through the arts.

Jess Jackson
At Tuck Barre & Yoga, 1100 N Front St Suite 104
Jess embarked on her artistic journey in January 2020, as a means for her to deal with her mental health. Her artistic style is a mixture of surrealism and portraiture. She uses this artistic style to bring awareness to mental health and social injustice.

Juicebox Workshop
At Ray’s Reusables, 935 N 2nd St
The juicebox workshop is a framed and wearable art collection that celebrates nature, storytelling, and the power of repurposing with purpose. Every piece is one-of-a-kind and is crafted from salvaged textiles. Founder Julie “juicebox” Woodard launched the workshop as a way to honor her late mom and give new life to heirloom fabrics. Her zero-waste landscapes and reworked wearables also feature vintage goods, damaged textiles, cutting room scraps, and reclaimed trash. Julie’s process incorporates elements of collage, applique, embroidery, quilting, painting, and soft sculpture. Much of her work is inspired by places she’s explored– from the American Southwest, to the coast of Maine, to mountains and glacier lakes of New Zealand. In addition to relying on memory, Julie also calls on her imagination, allowing viewers (herself included) to be transported to places they’ve never been. The “juice” is the joy Julie seeks to create, and the “box” is her platform for storytelling and advocacy.

Oronde Kairi
At Trunc, 929 N 2nd St
Kairi is an artist that grew up in Philly.  His work is fueled by vibrant and dynamic graffiti.  Oronde Kairi will be doing an enhanced canvas print demonstration. You will see how he makes his prints come alive and look like originals.  This will take place during his art opening
I Am Me, Artist Reception Work by Oronde Kairi

Kierston Marie
At SET NoLibs, 1030 N 2nd St
Kierston Marie is a screenwriter, writer, artist, and creator. At the heart of her work— in all its forms— are themes of identity, sensuality, fantasy, communication, and play. Her new collection is a body of sculptures that respond to: “Said where are you goin’? Can I come too?”

Marcy Morris
At The GHOST Collective, 1040 N 2nd St, Suite 401
Marcy Morris is a multi-expressive fine artist and art educator who combines fine art, poetry and interpretive dance as forms of creative expression. She is a lover of connecting with community and collaborating with creative minds of all ages and experiences . Her style of teaching art is one of mindfulness, encouragement, inspiration and healing .Marcy believes that creativity is within everyone’s ability. As an “art coach,” Marcy guides students to tap into their “art flow,’ expand artistic skills and build confidence by exploring a variety of mediums and approaches to drawing and painting. Morris emphasizes diversity of cultures and the range of learning abilities within art education and lesson planning to instill an inclusive mindset. Marcy believes the greatest assets of art education is learning from one another and creating together by thinking outside the box.

Shae Payne
At Once Worn Consignment, 906 N 2nd St
Shae Payne is a mixed media artist who loves using many different materials in each piece.  Her mini sculptures are an inventive combination of clay, paint and fiber. She tries to embody her deep passion for vivid color, engaging texture and whimsical elements through each creation.

Ryan Psota
At Casa Papel, 804 N 2nd St
“Lemon Sparkle Fantasy” is the moniker of Philadelphia based illustrator, muralist, and designer, Ryan Psota.  His ultimate goal is to positively engage the community with bold and playful imagery. His eclectic, mixed media style blends elements of psychedelia, contemporary urban art, and folk art from around the world.

He received his BFA from the University of the Arts where he studied illustration. His inspirations include street art, serpents, lasers, sweet soul music, drag queens, old man skin, pyramids, ancient scrolls, ornate sweaters, seaweed, and the aurora borealis. He also loves blueberry waffles.

This event is rain or shine, free and open to the public. For a map for the event and full vendor list with updates closer to the event visit:

Whether during the live demonstration or general exhibition, patrons are encouraged to make an evening of their visit to Northern Liberties.  Enjoy a cocktail along Northern Liberties Restaurant Row before strolling through the exhibition, stop in at one of our independent retailers, and afterward dine at one of the many beautiful outdoor streeteries in the neighborhood. For more about Artists at Work and other events and happenings in Northern Liberties, visit

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