George Clooney and Julia Roberts Take Us to Paradise

-Brenda Hillegas

As a fan of Oceans 11 and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, it’s hard to resist a movie featuring Academy Award winners George Clooney and Julia Roberts. While romantic comedies are usually not the genre I go for when picking a movie, how can I say no to this duo?

If you’ve seen previews for Ticket to Paradise, which hits theatres tomorrow, you probably can assume the plot and outcome. David (Clooney) and Georgia (Roberts) play a divorced couple who are forced to reunited for their daughter Lily’s (Kaitlyn Dever) graduation (she’s about to become a lawyer!) and send her off on a trip with her best friend to Bali. They part ways. Or so they think.

Just over a month later, they find themselves in the same row of a plane (flown by Georgia’s young, French pilot boyfriend) heading to Bali to stop Lily from getting married to a seaweed farmer she just met. Naturally, the exes must work together to stop this wedding and hope Lily doesn’t make the same mistakes they did when they were younger. And eventually, of course, they realize nothing was a mistake after all.

There are plenty of light and heartwarming moments to pair with the over the top scenes (a couple lost boats, dolphin bites, snake bites, a beer pong montage), to make you smile. Billie Lourd as Kaitlyn’s BFF Ren and Lucas Bravo as pilot Paul help to pad the movie in sidekick style jokes and comedic scenes. They perfectly round out this cast.

At a run time of just under two hours, Ticket to Paradise is a pretty fun night at the movies. Sure the predictability is strong, but there are still a few surprises along the way. It’s enjoyable and I can appreciate seeing some familiar faces on screen. If you’re looking to relax at the movies this weekend, Ticket to Paradise is a good one for a date night and a popcorn for two.

Ticket to Paradise is directed by Ol Parker (The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel), written by Parker along with Daniel Pipski. Visit the movie’s official website for tickets and showtimes.

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