Former QVC Host R.T. “Bob” Bowersox Brings New Play, Crossing the Veil, to Philadelphia Next Month

-Courtesy of Bryan Buttler Media Relations, LLC

TheatreXP is preparing for the world premiere of a new play that uses an intriguing blend of dialogue within monologue paired with an otherworldly premise to explore the triumphs, challenges, and shortcomings among family members gathered to mourn the passing of one of their own. Inspired by true events, Crossing the Veil, written by Theatre XP’s Artistic Director R.T. “Bob” Bowersox, comes to Philadelphia for a limited engagement, November 5 through November 26 at Plays & Players’ Skinner Studio

Crossing the Veil was inspired by an occurrence at the funeral viewing of Bowersox’s own father. His brother Paul – a man with 30 years’ experience and training in the senses and crafts of Shamanism (he studied extensively with Carlos Castaneda’s followers in Mexico) – indicated that he felt their father’s spirit in the room as they came to say their final goodbyes.

“It was a very real sensation for Paul,” Bowersox said, “to the point that he felt aware of where in the room our Dad’s spirit actually was. We wondered if he could hear what we were saying, or even thinking. Would he be aware of the emotions we were feeling? That experience stuck with me for years, cooking just below the surface until last year, when I finally felt I had processed it enough to write the play.”

Many of the thoughts and emotions expressed by the characters in the play are drawn from Bowersox’s own life and relationship with his father, giving the play an authenticity and immediacy not often captured in a theater experience.

“I hope it leaves the audience with truths they might find relevant in their own lives,” Bowersox said. “That’s what theater’s supposed to do, isn’t it?”

On the day of his funeral viewing, a recently-deceased man’s spirit finds itself in the funeral parlor viewing room with his wife, son, and daughter as each comes to say their goodbyes. As he tries to interact with them, he realizes that they cannot see or hear him, though he has no trouble doing either with them. As the afternoon progresses, what he learns from each of them is not at all what he remembers of his life. The play is an intriguing blend of dialogue within monologue as the characters are faced with the triumphs and shortcomings in each of their lives, leading them to an uplifting coming-to-terms with the love they have for one another.

Crossing the Veil will be Bowersox’s 41st theatrical production. He began producing and directing full time during his 12 year stay in Southern Florida – not only his original works, but re-stagings of some of the more iconic plays of the modern era. He went down south after leaving a 22-year stint as a host for electronic retailing giant QVC, where he was the first host hired back in 1986, and his signature show, In the Kitchen with Bob, was the top-rated show on the network for over 19 years. He returned to Philadelphia a little over a year ago, looking to become involved again in what he believes is one of the finest theater communities in the country.

Bowersox directs a cast that includes Mark Del Guzzo as Martin Hopewell, Heather Plank as Maggie Hopewell, Julia Rose Majerscak as Lisa Hopewell, Jared M. Calhoun as Ben Hopewell, Bob Weick as Father Patrick O’Shea, and Nancy Segal as Constance Rustin.  Technical Director is Kathryn Wylde and Stage Manager is Melody G. MooreCrossing the Veil is produced by Bowersox for TheatreXP and Nancy Segal for Fever Dream Productions.

Tickets are available at or

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