Craftsman Row Saloon Turns Into Giant Halloween Pop-up Restaurant for Spooky Season

-Courtesy of Aversa PR & Events
photo by Society Hill Films

Craftsman Row Saloon, at 112 S. 8th Street, announces the debut of their first ever Halloween pop-up experience. Nightmare Before Christmas will have the Jeweler’s Row restaurant and bar decked out in all its Halloween glory with decorations from floor to ceiling and wall to wall, including dozens of floating witches hats, real pumpkins, black ravens, giant spiders, cob webs, twinkling candles, and installations inspired by the movie. With the Halloween take-over in the dining room comes with two new themed milkshakes that are over-the-top and feature elaborate decorations, giant cookies and more.

On the Halloween menu of food additions look for pumpkin mac n cheese, witch’s chicken sandwich, Jack’s burger, mummy dog and more. From the bar, look for a special menu of potions and cocktails including a candy corn martini and cocktails out of real pumpkins. For the brother sister duo George and Vasiliki Tsiouris, Halloween is one of their favorite times of year. They have wanted to do this before the pandemic, and now seemed the time to make it happen. All the spooky fun will continue through October 31st, when the two owners will quickly begin work on their award-winning Christmas pop-up that debuts November 7th. Hours are Wednesday to Thursday, from Noon to 9:00pm, Friday and Saturday, Noon to 10:00pm, and Sunday Noon to 9:00pm. Reservations are now available on Opentable.

“We have transformed the space into a Halloween destination and are serving up fun and delicious fright,” said George. “We love the movie and wanted to celebrate our favorite elements through decorations, food and drink – all the elements for a truly unique and whimsical experience. Tantalizing all the senses for Halloween, Craftsman Row Saloon, is bringing a new Nightmare Before Christmas Pop-Up Experience. We are nationally known for over the top floor-to-ceiling décor and delicious and creative offerings of burgers, drinks and milkshakes for the Christmas season, and now we wanted to present something for every Halloween enthusiast.”

For décor and vibes, Craftsman Row Saloon is already known as one of Philadelphia’s most over-the-top decorated Christmas restaurants and bars. Following pop-ups earlier this year for Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day and Shore Season, Craftsman is back for its first Halloween pop-up experience – ever. With the decorations come not one, but two themed over-the-top milkshakes themed around Nightmare Before Christmas, plus new drinks and spooky cocktails. 

Characters from the movie such as Jack Skellington, Sally and the Boogie Man hang over your thoughts along with hung witches’ hats and spiders ready to weave the webs of festive energy.

Inside for the #spookyszn vibes, look for dozens of witches hats of all shapes and sizes, whimsical skeletons, spider cob webs, installations inspired by the movie, twinkling lights, giant hairy spiders, black ravens, spooked out Christmas decorations, dozens of pumpkins, cemetary stones, flying bats and more. 

The space was thought up, designed and art work drawn by George’s wife, Annette and from that established the flow into the food, drink and milkshake menus. The outside streetery starts the experiences of Halloween decorated in frightful delight.

For your dining enjoyment, look for two over-the-top theme milkshakes this time, including: 

This is Halloween
Bassett’s chocolate ice cream with crushed Oreos, house-made Jack cookies, black rock candy, Oreo cookie crumble, black sprinkles

Bassetts pumpkin ice cream and donut crumble, vampire donut, rock candy, Halloween sprinkles

From the kitchen, find the full menu of comfort food favorites, plus Halloween additions, like: 

Haunted Mac $14- Four cheese blend, pumpkin, toasted breadcrumbs, pumpkin seeds

Jack’s Burger $16- Two smashed patties, American cheese, maple-candied bacon, pumpkin aioli, pumpkin seed topping, martin’s potato roll (can be made vegetarian)

Witch’s Chicken Sandwich $15- Crispy chicken breast, cheddar cheese, caramel, carrot-apple slaw, Martin’s potato roll

Mummy Dog $11- Puff pastry wrapped hot dog, crinkle fries, ketchup-mustard dip
Munster Bun $13- Matcha-breaded chicken tenders, pickle-tomato-onion relish, ketchup, hot dog roll, sweet potato fries

All of the above will be available on the full larger menu of comfort food staples with all of CraftsmanRowSaloon’s other dishes that include Dorito coated mozzarella sticks, award-winning burgers, and fiery buffalo mac-n-cheese. As the perfect pairing with the shakes, for all the sweet tooths, George recommends also trying Donut Fried Chicken with glazed, bacon, american, maple syrup, and the Mac Daddy Burger with smashed patties that are smothered and dripping with mac and cheese on a martin’s potato roll. 

For spooky season drinks and potions, look for these additions to the menu: 

Blood Sample $15
vodka, apple cider, lemon, grenadine, syringe shot keepsake

Pumpkin King Margarita $15
tequila, spiced pumpkin, ginger, lemon,
served in pumpkin

Sally’s Brew $14
red wine sangria, cognac, fall fruit, mint,
skeleton stirrer

Mayor’s Mule $13
fireball, honey, lime, ginger beer, marshmallow garnish

Boogie Manhattan $15
crown apple, caramel, sweet vermouth spritz, crushed peanuts

Vampire $13
bloody mary garnished with celery, olive eyes,
tomato, lettuce, lemon, lime, pickle, candied bacon

Sandy Claws Warmer $13
spiced rum, warm maple tea, amaretto, lemon

Candy Corn Martini $15
house-infused vodka, pineapple, whipped cream

Frankenstein  (shot) $12
tequila, root-lime, souvenir skull glass

Guts (shot) $11
raspberry gin, apple, honey-lemon, muddled strawberries

Decorations and special menu items are available now through October 31st. Hours are Wednesday and Thursday, 12:00pm to 9:00pm, Friday and Saturday, 12:00pm to 10:00pm, and Sunday, 12:00pm to 9:00pm.

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