The Wilma Theater Presents World Premiere Comedy: Those With 2 Clocks

-Courtesy of The Wilma Theater, photo by Johanna Austin

The Wilma Theater in Philadelphia is proud to open its 2022-23 Season with the World Premiere of the Those With 2 Clocks, on stage Oct. 6-23, 2022. This hysterical comedy gives the patriarchy a proper pantsing, exposing its enormous fallacy for all to see.

Those With 2 Clocks is co-created and performed by Tall Order, a collective of three talented Philadelphia-area theater artists: Jess Conda, Jenn Kidwell, and Mel Krodman. 

This fast-paced, genre-defying production combines sketch, drag, and cabaret performance. The show humorously and powerfully examines the role that comedy itself plays in reinforcing dangerous patriarchal norms. “It’s a comedy about the patriarchy and body violence and how ridiculous they are,” Conda said.

The three talented performers portray many characters, including coaches, professors, and a trio of old men fishing and telling jokes. This genre-busting show collides humor and healing into a distinct new style of performance.

“It centers comedy and questions comedy,” Kidwell explained.

Those With 2 Clocks culminates in an immersive, subversive, and transformative party with the audience during a live DJ set by Robi D Light, winner of Go Magazine‘s Reader’s Choice Award for best R&B DJ. 

The show’s community partners – who are helping to create this portion of the production – include the Masculinity Action Project, veterans, birth and death doulas, and body-based performers.

Tickets to Those With 2 Clocks are $25-$59, and can be purchased at Discounts are available to students, and those working in the theater industry. Limited onstage seating will also be available for $49-$69.

Those With 2 Clocks contains nudity and audience interaction, deals explicitly with mature themes, and is recommended for ages 18 or older. The show was previously developed in 2019 as A HARD TIME, part of Pig Iron Theatre Company’s Adventures in Authorship Program, with funding from the Wyncote Foundation.

For that earlier in-process presentation, the group was nominated for three Barrymore Awards: Outstanding Ensemble in a Play, Outstanding New Play/Music, and Outstanding Leading Performance in a Play.

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