Spend the Night with Goodnight Mommy, now on Prime Video

-Brenda Hillegas

Prime Video has tonight’s movie night all picked out for you. Watch it with the lights off, a cozy blanket and the windows open for just the right amount of fall air. If you’re not already familiar with the 2014 Austrian film of the same name (this is an English language remake), then you’re in for a couple gasps and “what the *@!#” moments this evening…

Naomi Watts stars as the mother of a set of twins (Cameron and Nicholas Crovetti) who arrive at her country home after an undisclosed amount of time away from her. Right off the bat there are a lot of questions- why are the twins’ parents separated? Why doesn’t their dad want to see her when dropping off? Why is her bedroom and the nearby barn off limits?

Most importantly…why are their bandages on her face? Not just a cut or two, we’re talking a full on mask that is supposedly helping her heal from some sort of surgery she’s vague about when the twins (obviously) have questions.

Cameron and Nicholas Crovetti shine in a good twin/bad twin concept. Neither are evil and only somewhat manipulating to one another, but together they lead this movie and the audience unfolds the story with them. They soon suspect that the person under the mask isn’t really their mother. Watts is very convincing in this role…in whatever way she’s meant to be convincing us. We know she was a celebrity at one point (perhaps once an A list who has now fallen to C) and is hiding something other than her face. What is it she’s running from or wanting to change?

The entirety of Goodnight Mommy takes place in the house and surrounding property. Aside from two officers who bring the boys home one night after an attempted escape, the characters portrayed by Watts and the Crovetti brothers carry the movie. The enclosed setting makes us feel trapped along with them. There’s a secret and none of us are in on it until the very end.

Viewers- the least of your concerns should be who mommy really is and what’s eventually unveiled is more than just a bit of gauze. It’s a good thing Goodnight Mommy is available to view at home on Prime Video, because I’m betting you’ll want to rewind a few scenes once the credits roll and your mouth is still wide open.

If you’ve seen the original, then there’s no shock here. But you may enjoy what’s been done in this version. It’s less bloody and more suspenseful…which is always a win in my book.

Goodnight Mommy is directed by Matt Sobel and written by Kyle Warren.

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