Enjoy some Late Night Snacks with The Bearded Ladies Cabaret through October 2nd

-Brenda Hillegas

The Bearded Ladies Cabaret has returned to the 2022 Philadelphia Fringe Festival and this is a show you don’t want to miss! In partnership with Opera Philadelphia’s Festival O22, Late Night Snacks, is a fun combination of performers each night. Every show is different, so don’t feel bad about giving into guilty pleasures and catching more than one!

There’s cabaret, drag queens, opera, art, music, burlesque, stories and more! Last Friday night, I had the opportunity to “snack” on performances by co-directors by John Jarboe and Jackie Soro, along with Sam Rise and Eric Jaffe. We laughed, had a couple sing-alongs, threw some dollars in a giant high heel, said some stuff that wasn’t “safe for work” and had an overall amazing time. You will too!

Head to The Switch (421 N. 7th St., Philadelphia) for a Late Night Snack! Every Wednesday through Sunday until October 2nd. There will also be a few family friendly afternoon performances. For a full line up of who’s on and when, visit the website here. Tickets are available at different price levels so you can pay what you decide.

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