Brian Sanders’ JUNK continues its 30th Season Anniversary with LUSTER for Philly Fringe

-Brenda Hillegas

Fringe Festival favorite Brian Sanders’ JUNK celebrates its 30th Season Anniversary with LUSTER, an interactive, dance-theater experience set in an underground shopping mall turned nightclub…so Concourse Dance Club is the perfect stage.

LUSTER feels like you’re a part of a post apocalyptic world, trying to navigate the new norm and stay safe. The only way to do that- you have to participate in the live stream broadcast of an extreme realty show. Nothing is off limits, everything is close to being deadly, and you need to cheer on the teams as you witness what really sells on television.

You’ll enter this nightclub setting and see people getting ready to gather around the stage. They have drinks in hand (you should get one too). A ball pit to the right. A slide. Concrete floors where performers will battle it out for the big win on a realty show. You’re a part of it all. Off-the-wall acts and stunts make the ratings go higher. On-air fights? Injuries? Someone behind the scenes egging people on? Yes! That’s what the viewers at home want to see, right? Brian Sanders’ latest concept really highlights what goes on in the realty television world. You’re only seeing a part of it on your screens. The “safe” part.

LUSTER is made up of a collection of dance and movement performances. They contain unlikely props, some R-rated fun, aerial stunts, and beautifully timed choreography- all taken to the next level in order to give the “on air producers” what they want. Anything for your fifteen minutes of fame and all the “likes”. No matter what the cost. LUSTER is fun, it’s dark, it’s heart stopping, and it’s one of the most unique theatre experiences I’ve had in a long time (trust me- I see a couple shows a week).

RUN to Concourse Dance Bar and grab a seat at LUSTER. I’m a firm believer in “go big or go home” and in this case, you’ll want to go big. A “luxe” ticket ($65) allows you to come early and get an extra 25-minutes of performances (think of it as deleted scenes), a drink and a goodie bag. The standard ticket ($30) is just as fun though and you’ll see some amazing performances. Both ticket levels get you access to the after party at Concourse- dance, jump in the ball pit and spend a little more time in Brian Sanders’ world before heading back to your realty.

LUSTER takes place through 9/17. Tickets are available here.

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