One-Woman Cabaret-Comedy Show at Philly Fringe will Highlight Unconventional Relationships

Solo performer Brooke McCarthy returns to Philly as she tours her original show, HOW TO BE AN ETHICAL SLUT, to Philly’s Adrienne Theater Main Stage (2030 Sansom St, Philadelphia, PA 19107), a theater that she knows well from her time with the Philly Improv Theater. This will be the Philly debut of her show as she’s been gaining exciting momentum in national cities like Charlotte, NC and Orlando, FL. She’s fresh out of St. Louis’ Fringe Festival having won the “Spirit of the Fringe” award in August. The show runs for six performances between September 10 through 29, 2022.

The story—which is inspired by Brooke’s love life while she was a Philly resident—touches on topics that are not too familiar to the stage. Topics of sexual health and nonmonogamy make it an excellent Fringe Festival piece, especially with the local Philadelphia references.

Brooke, the solo artist, and playwright, is ecstatic to bring her show to Philly’s Fringe Festival. She stated, “I can’t wait to be back in Philly which is where I lived during the chapter of my life that inspired this show. What’s a more relevant way to share a story about honesty, communication, and unconventional relationships than in the city where it originated?” Brooke believes this is an essential piece of theatre because there aren’t enough shows that normalize talking about our sexual health before we jump in bed with our new lover, nor are there any plays that portray positive notions regarding a nonmonogamous lifestyle. 

She’s also looking forward to highlighting local Philly businesses while crafting a unique night out for her audience. She is working with Monk’s Cafe who is sponsoring her Tuesday, September 13th show. She will be promoting Monk’s on her social media accounts as sponsors while encouraging her audience to have dinner there before the show and join her there for drinks after the show. Brooke states, “I believe in supporting local business, especially in the city of Philly which I adore, so I wanted to create an opportunity for the restaurant scene to support the theater scene and vice versa”. 

Additionally, local businesses like Condom Kingdom and Passional Boutique are providing fun adult toy giveaways that Brooke will raffle off to lucky audience members on select show dates. 

The show first premiered in November 2020 in Athens, GA. Since then, Brooke has reworked the script while touring other cities, including Charlotte, NC where she has had four sold-out performances. For this updated run, she brought in her old friend and current Philly resident, Sarah Clemency, to help create an original song for the show called Three is Better which depicts the story of a triad relationship between two women and one man. 

This cabaret-style comedic play examines what it means to lie in the most awkward and vulnerable situations while empowering us to be honest with ourselves and our most intimate partners about who we truly are. 

Tickets & More Info: Tickets to HOW TO BE AN ETHICAL SLUT are currently on sale by visiting General admission is $25; student/artist tickets are $20. More information on Brooke McCarthy can be found at More information about the show can be found at

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