Philly Photography Institution announces new diversified educational program with affordable pricing

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TILT Institute for the Contemporary Image (TILT) is proud to offer new fall educational courses and workshops for photographers and artists to grow their practice within a community of like-minded individuals. TILT’s new expanded curriculum, developed by The Photographer’s Green Book (PGB), is tailored to engage with a more diverse audience while providing tiered pricing to ensure each course is accessible and equitable. The new course offerings are based on PGB’s principles of inclusion, diversity, equity, and advocacy (I.D.E.A.). 

PGB Educational Director Zora J Murff and Director of Public Engagement Ally Caple worked with TILT  faculty and artist-educators to redesign TILT’s core curriculum, comprised of five courses highlighting a broad scope of subjects in photography, including critical theory and history. Additionally, the fall curriculum offers four courses on special topics, masterclasses, and workshops, including Black women photographers and second-wave feminism and addressing ideas of diaspora in photography. 

“In redesigning TILT’s core curriculum, we’re focused on topics left out of mainstream photo curriculums while moving away from pedagogies shaped and informed by whiteness,” said Caple. “The new special courses allow instructors to go in-depth on concepts including diaspora storytelling, writing and photography, and disability in the medium. Courses were developed to have students think about  intention within their photographic practices in new ways.” 

The upcoming fall education programs at TILT are set to begin the week of September 12 and will  continue into mid-October. The fall curriculum features nine courses that run between six to eight  weeks and are held in-person or online. Students can attend two-hour classes and workshops once a  week that cater to beginner, intermediate, and advanced skillsets. Classes were purposely designed to accommodate students’ varying schedules; start dates for courses are staggered throughout the fall.  Visit TILT’s education page to learn more and register. 

To remain equitable, each course includes three price tiers – Discounted, Standard, and Sustainer – that  allow students to self-identify the price point that fits their budget. The scale is based on assets rather than total income, allowing TILT to account for debt or other obligations that otherwise prevent artists from enrolling in courses or using their services. Prospective students can learn more about TILT’s new pricing model on their website or use the financial assessment quiz to determine the appropriate price tier. 

Additional Educational Programming 
There are a number of year-round educational offerings that TILT has established that are easily tailored to a student’s skill level and schedule. Through the Tutorials program, students can craft individual learning opportunities and work one-on-one with an instructor to complete their educational goals. 

Students can schedule a Portfolio Review with TILT staff members to receive professional critiques on an established or in-the-works project and guidance on how to move forward in their work. 

Photography enthusiasts can earn a Contemporary Practices Photography Certificate through a  comprehensive program that provides a holistic understanding of photographic art practice. Students become adept in lighting, post-production, printing, history, and criticism, with options to concentrate on specific areas, including documentary, portraiture, and fashion. With close mentorship from working professionals and support from the TILT faculty, students have the opportunity to experiment and challenge themselves through photography. 

To learn more about TILT’s fall educational programming, visit page/.  

About TILT Institute for the Contemporary Image: Founded in 2009, TILT Institute for the Contemporary Image (formerly the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center) is an artist-focused institution rooted in Philadelphia with an international reach. TILT is centered on the importance of contemporary image making as an ever-evolving art form. In doing so, the organization seeks to build and support a just and equitable community of dedicated visual creatives and audiences. TILT works to create a space built upon trust and respect in order to best celebrate the artistic community and its creativity by providing educational programming, residencies, events, exhibitions, and public programs that celebrate collaborators and community. TILT is located in the Crane Arts Building (1400 N. American Street, Philadelphia, PA) in the heart of the flourishing arts corridor in South Kensington. TILT Institute for the Contemporary Image’s galleries are free and open to the public. 

About Photographer’s Green Book: Between 1936 and 1966, the Negro Motorist Green Book was a list of safe places for Black people during their travels  throughout segregated USA. The Photographer’s Green Book, in that tradition, is a list of resources to navigate the photographic  community which has historically denied voices of those other than predominantly white cis male artist. It expands on the  original Green Book’s target audience to include the full scope of the People of the Global Majority as well as the LGBTQIA+ community and all of their intersections. It is our belief that the contemporary movement, while influenced by the past, must also include the varying struggles and voices of those living in the 21st century. Inclusion, diversity, equity and advocacy (I.D.E.A.) are the core principles of The Photographer’s Green Book, which guide the questions we ask, resources we build, and the engagements we partake in for our community.

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