Coyote Crossing Celebrates Milestone with Cricket Flour Tortillas, Cricket Dishes, and More

-Courtesy of Peter Breslow Consulting & Public Relations

When Coyote Crossing was preparing to celebrate its 25-year anniversary in early 2020, Owner Carlos Melendez was readying his restaurant for a rollout of some new specials, new dishes, and celebratory cocktails. Unfortunately, COVID derailed those plans, and Melendez put them on the backburner while focusing on making sure his restaurant survived the restrictions. Now, with the restaurant running at full steam with a new, extremely well-traveled and talented chef, Coyote Crossing is rolling out a number of anniversary specials effective immediately at the restaurant, which is located at 800 Spring Mill Avenue in Conshohocken.

Included in the specials are tacos served on tortillas made from cricket flour, which is produced by Querétaro, Mexico-based Griyum, whose mission is to develop new proteins to combat malnutrition and provide better economic opportunities to farmers in underserved communities throughout Mexico and South America. These tortillas are available for any of the (11) taco options on Coyote Crossing’s menu. Additionally, Co-owner and Executive Chef Christopher Hora will be rolling out whole cricket dishes in the coming months. An anniversary dish of Saffron Marinate Foie Gras Memela has been added to the menu, featuring organic, locally-sourced masa blanco, seared foie gras, salsa macha con pasas, ajo, guajillo, amaretto, Gran Marnier, sesame, and frijoles tamarindo ($32).

“Crickets and cricket flour are high in protein and contain neutral flavors and aromas, and are very popular throughout South America, so we thought it would be a fun way to bring something new and delicious to the menu, which I’m sure most of our customers have never tried,” said Melendez. “Chef Hora has an incredible pedigree, having cooked all over the world from street food spots to Michelin Star restaurants, and we were very excited to have him lead our culinary team. When he joined us during the pandemic, he elevated our menu to a place I’m extremely happy with, and I know the new additions he’s bringing to the restaurant will be extremely popular.”

In addition to the new dishes, Coyote Crossing has introduced an “Anniversary Cocktail Menu” featuring their own line of mezcal, which is distilled in San Luis Potosí and Oaxaca, Mexico. There’s “Fly by Night” with Coyote Crossing Espadin Mezcal, Crème da Violette, Luxardo, and lime; “M.I.A.” features Coyote Crossing Espadin Mezcal, aperol, Amaro Montenegro, and lime; and “Mezcal Maria,” which contains Ilegal Mezcal and house-made bloody Mary mix.

Coyote Crossing offers an exciting culinary experience consisting of dishes influenced by Owner Carlos Melendez’s grandmother and contemporary Mexican culinary trends. The restaurant is set in downtown Conshohocken, and has a large outdoor patio for alfresco dining seasonally.

The restaurant also donates proceeds regularly to an elementary school named Asociacion Brali I.A.P., which is located near Griyum in Querétaro, Mexico, and is run by Carlos’s sister Claudia Melendez.

Learn more about Coyote Crossing by visiting

Learn more about Gyirum and their state-of-the-art process of converting crickets into flour by visiting  

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