Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris- and you should too. This weekend!

-Brenda Hillegas

Okay, I know that jumping on a plane to Paris this weekend is not ideal. But you can be there in spirit with the lovely Mrs. Harris (played by the absolutely charming Lesley Manville) as she makes her dream of owning a Dior dress a reality.

Thank you to Allied Global Marketing and Focus Features for a great time!

To celebrate the release of Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris (out now in theatres nationwide), I was invited to the Philadelphia Film Society’s venue for a beautiful evening of French pastries, wine, cookie decorating and of course a screening of the movie!

The evening also included dresses designed at Drexel University’s fashion school and illustrations by Denise Fike ( You can see how mine turned out over on @rowhomemag’s Istagram reel!

Mrs. Harris is a widowed house cleaner who saves her money (and gets a little bit of luck), travels to Paris and meets all the right people to help her fulfill her dream of owning a one-of-a-kind dress. Through some heartbreak and standing her ground, Mrs. Harris shows the city that everyone deserves to feel special.

If you want to smile this weekend, go see Mrs. Harris. She’ll take great care of you and you’ll have a fantastic time.

I hope you’re inspired to treat yourself to something tasty on the way home too!

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