Philly! Freestyle Love Supreme is in town through June 12th with some epic performers!

-Brenda Hillegas
photo by Joan Marcus

This show has everything- beatboxing, wizard nuts, a mini-musical about a postponed bar mitzvah, bestie appreciation, vacations from hell, and Delaware.

What on earth am I talking about? Hard to say, so I’m going to need you to experience this epic show for yourself. Although, what you see on stage isn’t going to be what I saw on stage because each night of Freestyle Love Supreme is completely different than the last.

Freestyle Love Supreme is an improv sensation conceived by our city’s own Anthony Veneziale (aka Two Touch)…he threw in some Philly references to make the show even more personal! Along with Thomas Kail (director of Hamilton and In the Heights) and Lin-Manuel Miranda (yes, that Lin), the trio created a unique non-stop, fast-paced stage show that’s based on suggestions from the audience. What you hear on stage will never be heard again after the lights go up and you all go home.

As a fan of improv comedy and musicals, I have been dying to see Freestyle Love Supreme. I was in awe for 90 minutes straight as I watched this group of performers play off of one another so seamlessly. They had no idea what anyone else would say or do, but just made it work. One word or action can change the course of the entire show, and everyone just went with it. Even the lighting and music teams have no clue what will happen next and need to stay on their toes to make the whole show flow. It’s incredible.

Two Touch moved things along hilariously with an amazing group of performers last night and they were clearly having a blast feeding off the audience. Kaila Mullady (Kaiser Roze) is the 2015 AND 2018 world beatbox champion. Also on stage was Mark Martin (Mandible) who has also participated in and judged many beatbox battles internationally. Dizzy Senze wowed the crowd with the ability to freestyle about random words drawn on stage from audience suggestions. Jay C. Ellis (Jellis J) made up a sweet song on the fly about mama always knowing best- in reference to an audience call out about best friends…and hey, today is national best friends day!

Last night’s special guest was Tony Award winner James Monroe Iglehart (aka J-Soul). He’ll be in the show through the 11th. On June 11th and 12th, Tony nominee Christopher Jackson (C-Jack) will be the guest. And on June 10th, Lin-Manuel Miranda will be there!

You won’t have the same experience I did last night- at least in terms of content- but you will leave with a memory that only you, the audience, and the performers will share. No one else in the world. Don’t bother trying to explain what you just witnessed, instead tell your friends to get out and get tix! Use code RUSH for $35 seats and grab them here.

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