Helium Comedy Expands Into Video and Streaming Content with Launch of Helium Comedy Studios

-Courtesy of Helium Comedy Club

Helium Comedy is thrilled to announce the launch of their content streaming brand, Helium Comedy Studios. Recorded live in Helium locations, this new channel will be releasing clips of performances, full stand-up specials, and more to come. Visit Helium Comedy Studios on YouTube for content.

Brad Grossman, COO and Co-Owner of Helium Comedy, spoke to how Helium Comedy Studios furthers the company’s goals in saying, Supporting and creating a platform for eclectic groups of up-and-coming talent is very important, both to our own mission as Helium Comedy and to the future of comedy as an artform.” 

Helium Comedy Studio’s goal is to build up the next wave of comedy and comedians by bringing the live comedy club experience to your device.

It was a clear opportunity for us to bolster great new talent as we already have the means to do so with our 8 club facilities that are within the top 50 DMAs,” commented Helium Co-Owner Marc Grossman. “The pandemic forced us to take a step back and consider how Helium could pivot and grow with the future of comedy by expanding our brand beyond live in-person performances. Now with video and a digital platform, we can aid these new talents in reaching a national audience.”

Helium Comedy is enthusiastic about continuing to adapt to the digital age, as they are very aware of the role video and digital streaming can play in the expansion, accessibility, and modernization of live performances. 

Helium Comedy Studios Executive Producer Jimmy Chairman explains that, “What we’re presenting is the logical next iteration of the comedy special. We’re offering a phenomenally curated selection of comedians, coming from the country’s best comedy rooms with network-quality production values. I’m so proud of the product and the stand-up consuming public is really going to enjoy it. We could all use a laugh right now.”

The world of video and digital platforms is not entirely novel to Helium Comedy. Given its nearly two decades in the industry, Helium has proved itself as a career-building point for many comics as a vertically integrated organization, having helped many comedians find their way in the entertainment industry. Paired with their club spaces and video streaming, Helium Comedy is a premiere comedy brand both for up-and-coming and established comics alike. 

“I’m telling you…Helium goes all out. They don’t spare anything” said Mat Alano Martin, a punk-rock inspired comedian who filmed his first special at the Philadelphia location. Likewise, satirist comedian Ben Gleib, who also filmed a special at Helium, described it as “a perfect room to tape a comedy special.” 

Viewers can look forward to Helium Comedy Studios’ upcoming content releases on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, as well as more exciting creative content to come. 

Helium Studios Upcoming Lineup:

Jeff Dye (NBC’s “Better Late Than Never”)

Jade Catta-Preta (MTV’s “Girl Code”)

Alonzo Bodden (NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” winner)

Jon Dore (Comedy Central’s “Inside Amy Schumer”)

Ocean Glapion (“Funny Stories with Ocean” podcast)

Brent Gill (Viceland’s “Flophouse”)

Rahmein Mostafavi (SiriusXM)

Mary Radziniski (TruTV’s “Greatest Ever”)

Paul Varghese (Comedy Central’s “Live at Gotham”)

David James (“How to Drive in Philly”)

Mat Alano-Martin (“Take These Songs” podcast)

Corey Rodriguez (EPIX’s “Unprotected Sets”)

Ben Gleib (E!’s “Chelsea Lately”)

Monica Nevi (FOX’s “Laughs”)

Simon Gibson (NBC’s “Last Call with Carson Daly”)

Helium Comedy
Helium Comedy is a family-owned, independent entertainment provider with contemporary club venues across the country. Clubs are located in Philadelphia, Portland, Buffalo, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Raleigh (Goodnights), Austin (Cap City), and Rutherford, NJ (Bananas). At modest prices, club guests can enjoy a wide range of comedic talent through stand-up acts and other performances with food and drinks in a relaxing and intimate setting. Helium Comedy features both big name performers and up-and-coming local comedians in the desire to engage with and build up their local communities as well as new talents.

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