Chef Jose Garces Introduces Chef Jezabel Careaga as Next Chef in Residency at Volvér

-Courtesy of Aversa PR & Events
Photo by Eddy Marenco

Chef Jose Garces announces Chef Jezabel Careaga as the next Chef in Residency at Volvér on Kimmel Cultural Campus. Chef Careaga’s residency will run now through March 13th. Funding will help support the initiatives of Fuerza for Humans, a non-profit focusing on mental health for the restaurant community  Currently, Careaga’s menu will include Picada,  Escabeche de Berejena Toast, Empanadas, Tamales Saltenos, Vacio con Papas Estrelladas, Estofado, Locro, Queso y Membrillo and Panqueque Con Dulce De Leche. For the new Chefs in Residency Program, each Chef will showcase their top signature dishes on the Volvér menu for six to eight weeks, alongside Chef Garces’ signature French-inspired dishes. Through a special donation program in partnership with the Garces Foundation, each Chef in Residency will have the opportunity to raise money to support their work with their current restaurant, or to use for the start of their next culinary journey. 

“I’m honored to be able to support Philadelphia’s hospitality community through Volver’s Chefs in Residency series,” said Chef Jose Garces. “One of my hopes for the series was to support these emerging chefs not only in the kitchen but with the business lessons I’ve learned over my career. I’ve always been passionate about mentoring the chefs within our group. Extending our resources to help more chefs in the region is a dream come true. I’m grateful to the support the community has provided thus far and hope it continues with each chef as they all bring new talents to the table.”

On working with Careaga, Garces said, “I’ve known Jezabel for many years. I have many fond memories of eating her empanadas and enjoying a cafe con leche at her initial iteration of Jezabel’s Cafe in Fitler Square. I’ve continued to watch her grow as a chef and restaurateur and I’m so happy to be supporting her and getting the word out about her Latin-inspired cuisine and amazing talents.”

“The range of cultures represented in Philadelphia’s restaurant industry is one of its greatest strengths,” said President and CEO of The Philadelphia Orchestra and Kimmel Center, Inc. Matías Tarnopolsky. “Together with Chef Jose Garces, we welcome with great anticipation the stunning Argentine cuisine of Chef Jezabel Careaga.”

For the continuing Chefs in Residency Program, Chef Jezabel Careaga is the third chef for the inaugural line-up, following Chef Kiki Aranita from Poi Dog Philly and Chef Phila Lorn from Terrain. Careaga residency runs from January 26th to March 13th. The program will continue in 2022 with Chef Jennifer Zavala of Juana Tamale, Chef Alex Yoon of Little Fish and Chef Dane DeMarco of Sonny’s Cocktail Bar, Burger Time and Wine Dive. Please stay tuned in February for news of the final Chef for the program to be announced.

Chef Jose Garces welcomes the third Chef in Residency, Chef Jezabel Careaga.

“I’m thrilled, excited and humbled – all in one –  by this opportunity to work alongside Chef Jose Garces and his stellar team,” said Careaga. “It was an honor to collaborate in bringing these dishes from Northwest Argentina to life. I can’t wait for opening night and all nights thereafter to greet you and for you to enjoy this NW Argentine experience in this iconic Philadelphia landmark.”  

Careaga is an entrepreneur, chef, woodworker, designer, and community leader from Palpalá, Jujuy, NW Argentina. In addition to her degree in Tourism & Hotel Management focusing on international languages and business, she received a progressive education encompassing climate change, sustainability, and mental health – issues that she cares about deeply today. After a formative work experience in an 800-room hotel in Miami, she moved to Philadelphia to start her own business.

In 2010 she opened Jezabel’s with a mission to offer a welcoming and delicious NW Argentine experience while prioritizing environmental sustainability, community growth, and financial stability. In 2018 Jezabel’s relocated to West Philadelphia and expanded her offerings to include cooking classes and special events. Her latest venture is L’Atelier where her furniture designs and handiwork are showcased among a selection of artisan home goods. Over the last ten years, Jezabel’s has become a staple in Philly’s dining scene and her empanadas, alfajores, and a multitude of Argentine-style pastries have received critical acclaim and widespread popularity.

For Careaga’s dishes, patrons will find the following additions to the Volvér menu:

-Picada (Mortadella, Giardineira, Goats Milk Feta, Iberico Chorizo, Toasted Sourdough)
-Escabeche de Berejena Toast (Marinated Eggplant, Roasted Red Pepper, Saffron Aioli, Sourdough, Feta)
-Empanadas (Braised Beef, Chimichurri, Salsa Criolla)
-Tamales Saltenos (Corn Tamales, Spicy Paprika Sofrito, Pork, Pickled Red Onion)

Main Course:
-Vacio con Papas Estrelladas (Butchers Steak, Crispy Salted Potatoes, Celery Aioli, Chimichurri)
-Estofado (Wild Mushroom Ragu, Creamy Polenta, Parmesan, Toasted Pine Nuts)
-Locro (Andean Pork Stew, Winter Squash, Chorizo, Hominey, Paprika Oil, Scallion, Peruvian Lima Beans)

-Queso y Membrillo (Quince Paste, Jarlsberg, Toasted Walnut, Fermented Garlic honey)
-Panqueque con dulce de leche (Crepes, Caramelized Milk, Sweet Cream Flan)

For inspiration for his dishes, Careaga said, “The dishes I picked are traditional in the flavors I grew up eating. However, also an evolution of my culinary journey as a cook, cooking is what we did as a family, eating healthy, organic and fresh food was the norm. On my Volver menu we were able to translate those time intensive cooking traditions and it’s reflected on the depth of flavor, soul of the dishes you will enjoy. The highlights: Locro is one of my favorite dishes, because it’s that special occasion winter dishes that we spent hours cooking with my grandma as a kid; and also the Polenta, now in a vegetarian version this creamy polenta is peasant food that brings comfort and it was a staple for lunch on winter days.”

As part of the Chefs in Residency Program, patrons will be able to donate funds to support projects for each participating resident chef. For Careaga, she will use funds to support the initiatives of Fuerza for Humans, a non-profit focusing on mental health for the restaurant community

Guests wishing to support Careaga’s cause can make a donation during their meal at Volver. Donations can be made, similar to tipping a server, when the dinner check is presented. The Garces Foundation will match up to the first $5,000, giving each resident chef the opportunity to raise at least $10,000. The matching grant will be donated by the Garces Foundation, which offers additional resources for the hospitality industry like medical and educational services that the resident chef can take advantage of for themselves or their staff, and to help them reach their goal/pivot.

“We are thrilled to support these talented chefs and to be a partner in the chefs in residency project,” said Garces Foundation Executive Director Robin Morris. “Philly’s food scene is the best in the country because of the dynamic energy and work ethic of our immigrant food workers and the diversity of chefs and cuisines.”

Reservations are now available at, via Open Table, or by calling 215-670-2302. Celebrate the art of fine dining by following Volvér on social media at @volverphl @chefjosegarces and @garcesgroup. All guests coming to Volvér must be vaccinated per Kimmel Cultural Campus policy. Volver is located at 300 S. Broad Street, in Center City, Philadelphia.

Read more about Volvér’s Chefs in Residency Program and chef details, click here.

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