Meet Jessica Crouch who plays Kit in Pretty Woman the Musical- now at Kimmel Cultural Campus’ Academy of Music

-Brenda Hillegas

Pretty Woman the Musical is here in Philadelphia through January 16th! I talked to cast member Jessica Crouch about her role as Kit, Vivian’s bff and what’s so special about this show! Jessica also told me about her love of t-rexes and how she encourages people to stay fit with her Instagram fitness account! Make plans to see her on stage at the Kimmel Cultural Campus’ Academy of Music. Tickets are available here

Q: Talk to us about Kit! Why is she an important part of the show?
A: Kit is such a beloved character from the movie and has some of the most iconic one liners.  She’s tough, but is able to find the humor and fun in things even though she hasn’t been dealt the best of cards. Vivian and Kit have a genuine friendship, and I think it’s important to see two strong women really support and lift each other up.  The musical also gives the audience the opportunity to see a little bit more into Kit than what the movie allows.  Watching Vivian’s journey of self discovery,  Kit begins to contemplate the idea of achieving more out of her own life as well.  

Q: You were the understudy for Kit on Broadway. When/how did you find out that you’d be taking her on the road?
A: I only got to perform the role a few times on Broadway, so it was a real goal of mine to play her full-time on the road.  I was in rehearsals, doing a show in Aspen, when I was asked to put together a self-tape for the team.  I wasn’t very confident because I knew I couldn’t be in New York for any of the audition process.  A few weeks later, I got a call from my agent telling me “well they had final callbacks, and unfortunately you weren’t there…(long pause), but you are going to be playing Kit DeLuca.” He just loves messing with me!

Jessica Crouch as Kit and Olivia Valli as Vivian (photo by Matthew Murphy of MurphyMade)

Q: Why do you think Pretty Woman works as a musical and how do the songs enhance the story?
A: Pretty Woman is one of the most beloved movies of all time.  It’s a feel good romantic comedy that people across generations continue to embrace, so the transition into it becoming a musical just makes sense.  Our show provides the audience all the moments they know and love from the movie, but the music is what brings something new and exciting to the table.  Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance are legendary when it comes to writing a rock ballad, and they’ve created this awesome pop-rock score with so many fun and catchy melodies.  In the end, our audiences can’t help but leave the theatre humming the tunes with a smile on their faces.  

Q: Your character teaches Vivian the ropes. In real life, what’s something you could definitely teach others all about?
A: That you never stop learning.  

Q: The bio on your website says you have an affinity for T-Rexes! Please elaborate on that! Do any unique dino knick knacks join you on tour?
A: Oh my goodness, I can’t say when exactly my love for the T-Rex began, but I will say that it’s probably gotten a bit out of control.  What’s nice is that when friends or acquaintances see anything involving a T-Rex, they’ll typically tag me or message me about it.  It’s as if I have somehow become synonymous with the T-Rex in their minds, which I think is pretty cool. As for my collection, it’s an ever-growing assortment of the most random items.  I do have two inflatable T-Rexes and an alter ego, Rexie Hart, who just loves to perform.  She has yet to make an appearance on tour, but I know for a fact she would love to be in “Rodeo Drive”.

Q: You have a great following on your @jcrouchfitness account! What inspired you to launch and share your workout/fitness video and tips?
A: I actually started the account during COVID just feeling the need to do something productive with my time.  With gyms being closed, I had gotten really creative on how to approach strength training from home and I wanted to share with others the knowledge I had learned.  I was actually embarrassed about the account at first, but it’s kind of morphed into its own thing.  I can’t emphasize enough how important strength training is for one’s health, especially as we get older, and it is NEVER too late to start.  Now that I’m on tour, I post mostly gym workouts from all the different cities we’ve visited.  I like to call it #stayingfitwithkit  

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