Milk Jawn Opening Storefront and New Production Facility

-Courtesy of Peter Breslow Consulting & Public Relations
Photo by Mike Prince

A little more than two years after launching Milk Jawn, Amy Wilson, along with Co-owners Ryan Miller and Cathryn Sanderson, are finally ready to take their beloved Best of Philly winning ice cream brand to the next level, signing a lease for their first brick & mortar location, while also signing a lease for a new production facility – both of which will be located in Philadelphia’s East Passyunk neighborhood.

The 500-square foot storefront, which Wilson hopes to open in the Spring of 2022, will be located at 1439 East Passyunk Avenue, next to Essen Bakery and at the corner of East Passyunk and Dickinson Streets. The 2,600-square foot production facility will be at 1303 East Passyunk Avenue. The ice cream shop will offer ice cream in pints, cups, and cones, with various toppings available. Wilson also plans on offering ice cream cakes.

Milk Jawn is a small batch, premium ice cream brand which uses fresh, local PA dairy. It began as a hobby in Wilson’s kitchen in 2012, but eventually grew into a business with the help of Amy’s friends and now Co-owners, Ryan and Cathryn. The business started with the sole option of delivery, but eventually grew and began selling at various pop-ups beginning in Spring of 2020. Since then, Milk Jawn has become a Philly favorite, often selling out of product on a weekly basis. Milk Jawn currently operates out of its production facility at MaKen Studios North in Kensington.

“We started as a very small business which people only knew about because of word-of-mouth and Instagram, but before we knew it, word spread and Philadelphia had welcomed us in with open arms,” said Wilson. “Once people found out about us, we would sell out of product immediately, and we knew we had something big. After two-plus years since launching, we are thrilled to finally bring our ice cream to a storefront where customers can come in and enjoy our ice cream in more ways than just grabbing a pint to bring home. This is incredibly exciting for us.”

Milk Jawn offers a number of ice cream flavors including Tahini Fudge Swirl; Pistachio; Double Fold Vanilla; Cold Brew and Caramelized Cacao Nibs; Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch; Thriller Night (dark chocolate and raspberry); Milk and Cookies; White Coffee; Malted Milk Toffee Crunch; Lemon Curd with Blueberry Basil Swirl; Chocolate Peanut Butter; Chocolate; and vegan flavors including Chocolate Peanut Butter; and Mango Sticky Rice. They also offer seasonal flavors, including Buttermilk Peach; Caramel Apple Pie; and more. Their Earl Grey with Honeycomb won Best New Flavor for the Northeast Region, and second place nationally at the North American Ice Cream Association annual convention, which was held in early November. 

Order pints of ice cream and learn more by visiting

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