House of Gucci tells the true story behind the fashion empire

-Brenda Hillegas

If the name Gucci sounds familiar to you, chances are it’s because you’ve walked by a Gucci store at some point in your life. Or heard a celebrity say “Gucci” when asked what they are wearing. Maybe you’ve eyed up one of their handbags. Maybe you even own one.

But how many people know that the name Gucci is synonymous with words like betrayal, revenge? Even…murder? And why?

In director Ridley Scott’s biographical drama (based on the book The House of Gucci: A Sensational Story of Murder, Madness, Glamour, and Greed by Sara Gay Forden), we are given a front row seat to the revival, rise, and ultimate fall of the Gucci family name. The movie is packed with Oscar winners and nominees- Jeremy Irons, Al Pacino, Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, Salma Hayek, and Jared Leto (his recent roles always leave me in awe, as he puts his all in every performance). Needless to say, content of the movie aside, the cast list should be enough to bring people out to the theatre. They truly make this story and bring these real life people to screen so the rest of the world can get to know the Gucci family.

Patrizia Reggiani (played Lady Gaga), marries into the name after meeting Maurizio Gucci (Driver) at a party. Gaga is powerful in this role and although I don’t know much about the real events that inspired this movie, the on screen version of Patrizia is incredibly convincing. Through her twisted determination and desire to rise to the top of the industry, we see the family unravel. We see the build up to the murder of Maurizio (Driver is amazing in this movie), eventual head of the fashion house. In the end, no one wins and as of now, Gucci isn’t even owned by anyone from the actual family. This movie explains why.

You’ll see the brand in a whole new light and you might even wonder about the true story behind some of your favorite labels.

House of Gucci is in theatres now…and expect to hear the movie’s name a lot this upcoming awards season.

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