Chester Arts Center Welcomes Philadelphia Film Producers’ World Premiere of Game Day- A Timely Story About Old Family Rivalries That Finally Explode

Philadelphia-based independent film producers Pete Postiglione and Val McAdoo announce the World Theatrical Premiere Event of GAME DAY at the MJ Freed Theater Saturday, November 13, 7:00PM. GAME DAY, a locally-made independent feature film, is an authentic, powerful and touching story about a loyal Italian American family of Eagle fans, the Fortes, who always enjoy good food, drinks and Eagle’s football every Sunday… until today.

Co-written by Philadelphia native Dean Simone, GAME DAY is a true, home-town Philly story for our time about a family that fights passionately among themselves but never gives up on each other. GAME DAY is a raw, humorous, and emotionally gripping film about an Italian American family from Philadelphia who passionately gather every Sunday to watch their beloved Eagles. However, on this Sunday, as each quarter of the game unfolds, arguments, fights, and bitter realizations arise within the family, exposing deep divisions and rivalries that turn child against parent, husband against wife, with grandparents and siblings battling it out until the bitter end. Who will win?

“Everyone in this story is fighting for their lives and has something to win or lose”, says the film’s director, Edgar Bravo, a Latino film director from Los Angeles. Bravo says that GAME DAY’s all-Philadelphia cast deliver top-notch, on-screen performances that rival most Hollywood films – big budget or independent. “The acting performances by Philadelphia talent is on par with today’s biggest known Hollywood A-list actors.”

The local co-producing team sees new opportunities on the horizon with like-minded artists who want to create authentic stories and truthful performances in film. Postiglione and McAdoo who are also founders of the Actors Co-Op in Swarthmore, have recently partnered with Chester native, Devon Walls, owner of The Artist Warehouse and a founding member of Chester-Made. This partnership led to the co-producers choosing the MJ Freed Theater for the theatrical World Premiere.

McAdoo says, “I immediately knew that we wanted to have the red-carpet premiere in this open, warm, and welcoming space”. Walls, Postiglione and McAdoo will collaborate on future projects with talent from Chester and Philadelphia to create quality, local film-making opportunities. Tickets to attend the Premiere of GAME DAY on Saturday November 13 at the MJ Freed Theater in Chester are available for $20 via or under “Game Day Movie Premiere”. Each ticket holder will be treated to the red carpet, comedy, food, drinks and reception gala with the cast & crew. Doors open at 6:00PM.

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