Not-to-be-missed upcoming screenings at the Philadelphia Film Festival!

-Feature photo: The Field Trip by Mike Attie, Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck, Meghan O’Hara

If you haven’t checked out some of the films at the Philadelphia Film Society’s film festival this year, you still have plenty of time! The fest runs through 10/31 with screenings throughout Philly, including the Navy Yard Drive In, and even some films to watch at home. A complete list can be found here.

This week, you should plan on…

PFS Bourse Theater
Wednesday, October 27 (9:00 PM)
79 mins of short films:

The Contract Musical
Chris Cole | 7 MIN
Three young lads wish for a bit more than they can handle.

Kaitlyn Schwalje, Alex Wolf Lewis | 12 MIN
The story of one family’s forgotten pet turtle.

See Us in the Wildfire
Jason Chen | 3 MIN
With the increase of Asian hate and violence, the filmmakers were inspired to create a visual exploration of Asian identity through art and fashion in America.

Light Years Apart
Mariia Osanova | 5 MIN
A 3D animated short about family and space, but most importantly about the sacrifices we make for the ones we love.

Maria Vattimo | 8 MIN
After enduring an abusive relationship, professional ballerina Kimberly D. Landle uses her platform and performances to advocate for women and survivors of abuse.

No Dye
Yoni Azulay | 5 MIN
A Staten Island couple contemplates a last-ditch effort to make their dreams come true.

The Field Trip
Mike Attie, Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck, Meghan O’Hara | 12 MIN
A group of fifth graders learn what it takes to get ahead in the modern American workplace.

City Creatures
Michael A. Johnston | 12 MIN
A recently relocated couple confronts the financial strains of their new home and the peculiarity of their new neighbors.

Sisters of the Soil
Raishad M. Hardnett, Aidan M. Un | 15 MIN
Since Jeannine Cook opened Harriett’s Bookshop as a way to celebrate Black women authors, activists, and artists, her work has taken on a larger role in the fight for space and sovereignty.

Other highlights:

THE SAME STORM (Closing Night Film – East Coast Premiere)
Philadelphia Film Center
Friday, October 29 (6:00 PM and 8:30 PM)
Director Peter Hedges

Inventively filmed during lockdown, THE SAME STORM is an ambitious, open-hearted response to the upheavals of 2020. Taking loose inspiration from the classic structure of the 19th-Century play La Ronde, the film consists of interlocking vignettes, usually featuring one character who also appears in the next sequence. But in this quarantine-era production, each vignette consists of a video call, often recorded on a phone or tablet. We watch as families divide across political lines while trying to hold together their parental love. Lovers quarrel about the impact of race on their relationships. Parent-teacher conferences build unusual tensions when done from home. Funerals take unexpected turns over Zoom. In the hands of any other filmmaker, these narratives might feel weighty and “too soon,” but with Hedges at the helm, they are handled with such humor and humanity that we are enwrapped in the mini dramas. Reminiscent of Robert Altman’s Short Cuts which drew upon the writing of Raymond Carver, THE SAME STORM finds the nuggets of relatability through tiny glimpses of the lives of ordinary people. The result is a collection of tour-de-force performances, elegantly brought together to create a moving, insightful group portrait of our modern history.
CAST: Sandra Oh, Mary-Louise Parker, Elaine May, Noma Dumezweni

PFS Bourse Theater
Friday, October 29 (6:45 PM)
Director Brandon Kramer, Subject Doug Copenhaver, Subject Louis Reed, local criminal justice reform leaders La Tonya Myers and Nellie Fitzpatrick

Activist and political commentator Van Jones, who’s perhaps best known for his impassioned address labeling Donald Trump’s election a “whitelash” on live TV on election night 2016, might seem an unlikely candidate to bridge the gap between deeply divided political parties. Yet that’s exactly what happened in the years after the election, when Jones teamed with Jared Kushner and other unlikely allies in a bipartisan push for prison reform. A proud progressive used to being labeled a “radical leftist” in the conservative media, Jones now found himself the target of scorn from the left. Director Brandon Kramer follows Jones throughout this stormy period, as he continues to fight for the passing of the First Step Act while navigating the heated, contentious climate of the Trump years. With Jones as its center, THE FIRST STEP offers a sweeping portrait of a fascinating moment in recent American history, with activists and reformers debating the benefits and potential pitfalls of seeking common ground at a time of high stakes and high tensions.

Health and Safety:

PFS will require masking as well as proof of vaccination at the Film Center & PFS Bourse.

Acceptable forms of proof of vaccination include your CDC record/card or a picture of the vaccination card along with photo I.D.

Masks are required at all times except when eating or drinking in the theater. Children under the age of 12 are currently exempt from this requirement.

Click HERE for all of our health and safety regulations.

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