Without a Cue Production’s ‘Murder by Gaslight’ is an interactive murder mystery experience in Old City

-Brenda Hillegas

Get ready for a murder! Okay, actually the murder already took place. Now it’s up to you to find how and who whodunit! Fun, right? Thanks to Without a Cue Productions, an awesome female-led company with close to 20 years in business, you can head over to Old City and help solve a 130 year-old-crime!

Murder By Gaslight is Without a Cue’s major debut in Philadelphia. Prior to this new, interactive mystery theatre show, Without a Cue has been performing all along the east coast. From Niagara Falls to Miami and everywhere in between. Now, what better place to set a scene than the historic and haunting neighborhood surrounding The Liberty Bell- that’s where you’ll meet up with the rest of your group to find out who killed Dr. Benjamin Winchester!

At your first stop you’ll meet the doctor himself. He’s the victim of a crime that took place over 100 years ago in Victorian times and now, as your [ghost] tour guide, he’ll walk you through the night leading up to his death. At each stop, you’ll learn important information that will help you figure out who killed him and why. You’ll meet characters, played by professional actors from Without a Cue Productions, that all seem to be likely suspects in the doctor’s death and you’ll examine clues like letters, newspaper clippings, bottles (filled with substances fit for a murder), and other artifacts. Don’t worry, all clues are virtual and appear on your phone by scanning a QR code at each stop. This eliminates the risk of germs and allows everyone to take their time inspecting the findings in front of them. Feel free to ask questions too!

At the end of the experience you’ll be asked to pull out your phones and make a guess! Who murdered Dr. Winchester? What was their motive? And their method? Once all answers are submitted, stick around as the doctor reveals what really happened! He explains, in full detail, why everyone was a suspect and how each character is off the hook…until one person is left. It’s a lot of fun watch this mystery unfold and eventually see how everything comes together! Wait until you see why everyone was annoyed with Dr. Winchester to begin with!

If you’re looking for something unique to do outdoors, safely, as the weather warms up…you’ve come to the right place. Grab some friends (or the family), grab a mask, and travel back in time for some mystery and fun. This is a great way to get some fresh air, get some steps in, and get your thinking cap on! Murder by Gaslight takes place every Friday, Saturday and Sunday now through September 5th. Tickets can be purchased here. The tour is approximately 60 minutes long (bring some water and wear comfortable shoes). Old City is bursting with history about Philadelphia, so take a look around as your setting really makes the past come alive.

Without A Cue Productions currently has shows in Peddler’s Village, Bensalem, and Cape May with plans to relaunch in Maryland and Delaware soon. Check out the website to book tickets to Murder by Gaslight or performances in other areas (uh…Murder on the Titanic sounds amazing). You can also book virtual adventures or customize a murder mystery for your upcoming events.

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