Wilma Theater Presents Four Original Digital Experiences This February

-Courtesy of Bryan Buttler Media Relations, LLC
Feature photo: Anthony Martinez-Briggs and Brandon J. Pierce in Code Black Planet

The Wilma Theater is excited to announce that its acclaimed acting company will be releasing four HotHouse Shorts during the month of February.  These shorts are as varied in style as they are in content, reflecting the diversity of passions and variety of talents among its local Philadelphia artists.  Wilma HotHouse Shorts are free to anyone who registers, though donations are encouraged to support Wilma artists and their ongoing work.

“It’s amazing to see how aesthetically and stylistically distinct these first four HotHouse Shorts are,” said Yury Urnov, the Wilma’s Lead Artistic Director for the 2020-21 Season.  “At the same time, there are thematic parallels that connect them: loneliness and separation, history and heritage, and racial and social injustice. I strongly encourage you to experience all four pieces.”

This February, audiences will be able to enjoy the following programs:

CODE BLACK PLANET: Explore secret transmissions from Black Planet, kaleidoscopic correspondences that cinematically mix spoken word, music, sketch comedy, and more. Featuring HotHouse Company members Anthony Martinez-Briggs, Brandon J. Pierce, and Jaylene Clark Owens. (Available to the public on Friday, February 5, 2021. Open-ended run)

CLAY: Brew a warm cup of tea and listen to these intriguing audio tales, which intertwine to tell the surprisingly poignant story of one everyday object. Features HotHouse Company members Brett Ashley Robinson, Brandon J. Pierce, and Jered McLenigan. (Available to the public from Friday, February 12 through Sunday, March 7, 2021)

EXPIRED: Dive into a cyberspace underworld through this interactive website. Demons, both classical and contemporary, lurk among the virtual artifacts, waiting to be purged. Featuring HotHouse Company members Ross Beschler, Suli Holum, Matteo Scammell, and Lindsay Smiling. (Available to the public on Friday, February 19, 2021. Open-ended run)

THE LAGNIAPPE PROJECT: Pull up a seat at this documentary feast, where HotHouse Company member Melanye Finister shares her mother’s recipe for Creole gumbo with residents from Northern Children’s Services, attempting to find community and comfort. (Available to the public on Friday, February 26, 2021. Open-ended run)

WilmaPass holders will be able to access the new HotHouse shorts five days before the general public. These productions will be free with online registration, though The Wilma greatly appreciates any generous donations audience members would be willing to make to support their HotHouse Company and the theater’s ongoing work.  More information at wilmatheater.org.

Additional details:

Code Black Planet
Available beginning Friday, Feb. 5
Conceived by Anthony Martinez-Briggs*, Brandon J. Pierce*, and Taj Rauch
Written & Performed by Anthony Martinez-Briggs*, Jaylene Clark Owens*, Malika Oyetimein, Brandon J. Pierce* and Taj Rauch
Cinematography & Editing by Taj Rauch, with additional support from Anthony Martinez-Briggs*
Directed by Malika Oyetimein
Featured Performer: Ang Bey

Available from Friday, Feb. 12-Sunday, March 7
Lead Artist & Co-Creator / Performer: Krista Apple*
Co-Creators / Performers: Jered McLenigan*, Brandon J. Pierce*, Brett Ashley Robinson*
Sound Designer & Audio Engineer: Twi McCallum

Available beginning Friday, Feb. 19
Co-created and performed by Ross Beschler*, Suli Holum*, Matteo Scammell*, and Lindsay Smiling*
Cameo by Taysha Marie Canales*
Co-created and web designed by Brenna Geffers of Die-Cast

The Lagniappe Project
Available beginning Friday, Feb. 26
Created by Melanye Finister*
Shot and Edited by Briana Gause
In partnership with Northern Children’s Services

* Indicates a Wilma HotHouse Company Member

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