Neumann-Goretti Delivers

Student Designed Envelopes to Fund Fine Arts Department

By Mark Casasanto

Not so long ago, while consolidating personal possessions from two different locations, I came upon an unmarked storage bin. Curiosity got the best of me, so… I opened the container. As if unearthing a time capsule, long forgotten treasures of my high school years were pristinely packed away waiting to tell the stories of days gone by. 

Amongst my souvenirs, there was a little bit of everything. My senior yearbook, with the ever frightening, bad hair yearbook picture. A photo album of clippings from my school newspaper, The Rocket, in which I was honored to serve as Editor-In-Chief during my last academic year. There was also a journalism medal presented at commencement exercises, a performing arts award as well as my burnt orange, embroidered sweater, worn by all the choirboys, on top of black dress pants. That stage wardrobe, smart, preppy and clean, presented the very familiar orange and black that so easily screamed “Neumann” everywhere we performed.

I’ve gone on record countless times to declare, that what I learned about writing and public speaking, vocalizing and reading music, I learned at St. John Neumann High School. No collegiate or continuing education, no lessons after the fact. I owe it all to my high school. Fact check me if you must…

Now, almost 40 years later, I was made aware of an initiative to help those very departments, that served me so well in my post high school careers. 

The details are simple. Students from the Arts Department of Saints Neumann-Goretti High School, in collaboration with the school’s Advancement Department, have designed 200 envelopes for sale, numbered 1 – 200. Through a virtual landing page on the school’s website, individuals can view the selection of envelopes. If and when a choice is made, the site will route the donor to a payment page. The donation will correlate to the number on the chosen envelope. For example, envelope 50 will require a donation of $50.00. Once all is said and done, the school will realize $20,100 in funds earmarked for the Fine Arts Department. The intent is to establish a new elective course in animated arts, as well as a dance course and related improvements to the dance studio and even possibly establishing a drum line. 

Donors will receive a thank you email from the Advancement Office as well as the envelope’s artist rendering in a graphic attachment, and are not limited to a single purchase. The intriguing initiative has been hash tagged #fundNGarts and is slated to go live on January 17th, 2021. It will continue until all envelopes are selected. 

Who knows? In about forty years from now, maybe a current student, who benefited by the simple sale of an envelope, will author an article about how their high school played a vital role in the successes of their life. For more information on #fundNGarts, please contact the Neumann Goretti Advancement Office at and visit on January 17 to participate.

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