The First Ever Da Vinci Fest Live, a Celebration of Art and Science, Comes to Philadelphia This October

-Courtesy of Bryan Buttler Media Relations, LLC

The Da Vinci Art Alliance (DVAA) is excited to announce details for their first ever Da Vinci Fest Live, a celebration of art and science, coming to Philadelphia from October 22 through October 29, 2020. Through online programs for adults and youth, installed exhibitions, a competitive Derby race, an art-market, and a brand new mural, Da Vinci Fest Live showcases the innovation, diversity, and artistry that makes Philadelphia so vibrant. Famous for paintings, such as the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper, Da Vinci also possessed a genius for technology, astronomy, engineering, botany, and more. With the collaboration of local partners, Da Vinci Fest Live celebrates how creativity manifests itself at the intersection of disciplines through online experiences, exhibitions, and creative activities for the public. Originally planned as an in-person festival and then upgraded to include interactive virtual experiences, everyone can participate in the festival safely and at their leisure.

“We are thrilled to welcome the community to experience the first ever Da Vinci Fest Live,” said Jarrod Markman, Da Vinci Art Alliance’s Executive Director.  “Leonardo da Vinci challenged people to ask big questions, ponder complex ideas and experiment. Often described as a polymath, Da Vinci was an individual whose knowledge spanned a significant number of subjects, drawing on complex bodies of knowledge to better solve specific problems. Da Vinci Fest Live embodies this multidisciplinary and multicultural spirit by creating a platform for diverse ideas, subjects, and people to mingle. We believe the process of art-making is an accessible unifier, when paired with the sciences, creates an environment of unbridled possibility.”

Da Vinci Fest Live will kick-off with a live-stream broadcast at 6:30pm on October 22nd. Leslie Gudel, Philadelphia’s first female sportscaster, will give a play-by-play narration of the Da Vinci Derby where Philadelphians of all ages will race their derby car creations for awards in speed and creativity. Throughout the live-stream on 10/22, viewers will be able to preview content from the artists, designers, teachers, scientists, astronomers, and inventors from the Da Vinci Fest Live HIVE, browse the items in the MARKET, and see the brand new MURAL on our building. The livestream can be accessed by visiting

For more info on The Hive, The Da Vinci Derby, The Exhibits, The Market and The Mural, visit

Da Vinci Fest’s in-person exhibits will be presented at a variety of locations throughout South Philadelphia’s Catharine Street and many will also be available online.  Social distancing and appropriate safety measures will be implemented to ensure the health and well-being for those who attend.  Additionally, all of the exhibits also include in-depth virtual coverage for guests that wish to experience the exhibits at home. All the Da Vinci Fest Live exhibits will be audio described in partnership with Art Reach for people who are blind, all in English and some in Spanish. These experiences are all free.

For a complete list of the exhibits, please visit the festival website and download the guide here. All exhibit descriptions note whether they are in person or virtual. 

The festival is thanks in part to a generous grant from PNC Arts Alive. “Through PNC Arts Alive, we continue to help invigorate local arts organizations while bringing new and exciting programs to our community,” said Joe Meterchick, PNC regional president for Philadelphia, Delaware and Southern New Jersey. “The creativity and collaboration demonstrated by the local arts community is evident in the programs that will be introduced, while enabling new visitors and residents alike to experience a diverse range of exhibits and performances.” Additional leading support for Da Vinci Fest Live has been provided by Temple University College of Science and Technology and NextFab. 

The Da Vinci Art Alliance was founded by nine Italian immigrant artists in 1931. DVAA has continuously served as a space of creative refuge. As a non-profit art organization based in South Philadelphia, DVAA provides resources, exhibition space, and community for our artist members and surrounding neighborhoods. Presenter of the annual Da Vinci Fest, DVAA inspires all who walk through their doors to explore their inner genius. Learn more at

For more information about Da Vinci Fest- The Hive, The Da Vinci Derby, The Exhibits, The Market and The Mural, visit

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