-Courtesy of Feldscher Horwitz Public Relations

Now, more than ever, when families need quick and easy ideas to keep their kids creatively engaged and educationally stimulated, timing is ideal for the publication of KIDFUN: 401 Easy Ideas for Play, Ages 2 to 8 being released August 27, 2020. TV personality, teacher, and play expert Sharla Feldscher reaches out to parents, grandparents, babysitters … anyone who spends time with children who are two to eight years old.  This ultimate guide to fun and learning shares amazingly easy, step-by-step ideas for learning through play without the use of electronics. It’s just what every adult has been searching for…hundreds of ideas for good, simple-to-do creative fun for kids to play on their own and with others. Great for playtime, rainy days, car trips, bedtime, bath and any other time kids need to have structured…and unstructured, old-fashioned FUN AND PLAY!

By engaging in KIDFUNactivities, young children have learning experiences with educational advantages aimed at developing skills important to their growth that allow them to utilize their creativity while improving their intelligence and dexterity as well as cognitive and physical skills. By playing KIDFUN, children develop judgment, sensory and memory skills plus number and letter recognition, reading, rhyming and, importantly, the ability to be expressive. And, while all this is taking place, there is the joy of wonder, imagination, exploration enhanced by giggles and laughter.

“With our rushed lifestyle and over emphasis on goal directed learning, there has been a decrease in creative, free play in childhood. KIDFUN child-directed playtime promotes the development of imagination, resilience and mastery of the child’s own environment. Engaged play is an important part of any child’s development,” stated David E. Samara, M.D., a pediatrician with a practice in Dallas, TX.

Sesame Street’s Dr. Loretta Long (Susan) said, “If you’re a parent or a caregiver of a young child, you need KIDFUN – especially if you’re a busy person who wants time with kids to count.”

Marva Allen, CEO of Wordeee, the publisher of KIDFUN, says, “The time is right for KIDFUN. It’s a roadmap for play, a lifesaver and the crown jewel for planning children’s activities!” Sally Friedman, international lifestyle writer, calls Sharla, “A Pied Piper of Kids.” 

When talking about the timeliness of KIDFUN, Feldscher stated, “No one could have predicted the times we live in now when families are so connected but need to distance from others.  While it might seem easy to rely on electronics for play, they distract from the importance of learning through play and family interaction. KIDFUN offers many alternative choices in a very creative way. It’s a refreshing approach to making the most of family time.”

Feldscher continued, “It’s really the way we all used to play – having fun through imagination and using stuff we already have at home.” The author of eight KIDFUN books, she adds, “Props for fun are all around us. Simple household items like paper plates and flashlights; drinking straws and tape; plastic cups and ping pong balls! Everyone can expand on KIDFUN, too, just by letting imagination soar!”

The purpose of KIDFUN is to turn the switch on creative play and encourage families to create their own fun, laughing together and enjoying each other more.  Feldscher added, “Even with access to computers, tablets, and smart phones, kids still love to put on shows, play dress up, make giant sculptures out of blocks or rocks and get down on the floor to share a belly laugh with their family.  It’s time to switch off the devices. There is no better gift for a child than time spent with the adults they love and admire.”

In addition to an author, Feldscher has a thriving, award-winning public relations business with a specialty in children. She is proud that her daughter, Hope, is now her partner. A media personality, she can be seen regularly offering KIDFUN tips on PHL 17-TV on their “Morning News” program. ( She has written for Grade Teacher Magazine, the Philadelphia Daily News, KYW NewsradioNew York Family Magazine, LA Family Magazine, South Jersey Magazine, the Phillies Scorecard Magazine and many other outlets that sought creative ways to inspire kids and families. The author of seven other books on play, she wrote The KIDFUN Activity Book (HarperCollins) in two editions that were translated into foreign languages. She was the first Director of Public Affairs for Please Touch Museum, Philadelphia’s Children Museum and a consultant for many years to Sesame Place, the nation’s only theme park based on Sesame Street. She supports multiple children’s charities and sits on the boards of several cultural institutions.  Sharla and her husband, Barry, have two married daughters and three granddaughters, who all believe they are the originators of KIDFUN!

Sharla Feldscher will be doing a virtual book tour and is available for media interviews, personal appearances, and KIDFUN Workshops. KIDFUN: 401 Easy Ideas for Play is $9.95 in paperback and $5.99 for eBook. It is available on and wherever books are sold. Learn more about KIDFUN by visiting

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