Safe, indoor fun at Wonderspaces in the Fashion District

-Brenda Hillegas
Follow me on Instagram at @shamrockenroll and click  my Wonderspaces story highlights to see some pics and videos from my visits.

Wonderspaces is a unique experience because it’s part art gallery and part choose your own adventure with interactive and thought-provoking exhibits. It’s also an excellent way to beat the heat (or winter cold soon enough), as it’s completely indoors. Extra safety precautions are in place and reduced occupancy means you can take your time and spread out. Your visit (tickets must be purchased in advance) allows you to take everything in without feeling rushed. You can really experience each piece of work throughout the large, open, two-floor space.

With COVID-19, rules have changed no matter where you go. At Wonderspaces, the amount of safety and sanitizing is incredible. They thought of everything. When you arrive, you’ll sign a digital waiver (hand sanitizer is available right next to the screens). Since you’re asked for your phone number, you’ll be texted a link to a digital show guide which allows you to chat and ask questions should you need to (you can also find the QR code to scan the show guide; it’s next to the temp check). There are plenty of knowledgeable (and super friendly) employees throughout Wonderspaces, but it’s nice to have this little guide handy in case they’re busy or you want to keep your distance. YOU MUST WEAR YOUR MASK AT ALL TIMES. 

As for keeping your hands clean, there’s plenty of sanitizer at each exhibit too! So here’s what you’ll see…


Human Study #1, 3RNP by Patrick Tresset. If you have the time, sit down and let Paul, the robotic arms, draw you. I enjoyed watching but didn’t participate. You can see all of Paul’s renderings on the wall next to the exhibit.

Submergence by Squidsoup is one of my favorite spots in Wonderspaces. It’s a light show that you can literally be inside of as strings of lights dance and change colors around you. Walk through it or stand still. Take your time. Video in my Instagram stories.


Myrkvidr by Yasuhiro Chida is a dark room. You’ll see a large ring suspended by hundreds of pieces of fishing line. Also great to just stare at forever. I could have. Video in my Instagram stories.

Sweet Spot by Shawn Causey & Mark Daniell (feature photo above) is the perfect photo opp. Stare at this piece from far away and then get close for some photos and details. I love all of the colors and how they look from various angles.

Dinner Party by Charlotte Stoudt, Laura Wexler, Angel Soto, Skybound, Ryot & Telexist is the first of two virtual reality experiences at Wonderspaces. It’s based on a true story, and the first of its kind. A must see, but I won’t give anything away here. Don’t worry about germs- these headsets are sanitized, people are spread out around the table, and you’re given extra coverage to slip over your face when you enter Wonderspaces if you want to use it.


Body Paint by Memo Akten is another favorite. Dance, let loose, be silly. Whatever you do in front of the screen will be mimicked by splashes of color. You can see videos of this in my Instagram stories.

Ferreflection Pool by Mesplé also mimics. Stare into the pool and move to the left, the right, slowly. Watch as the pool’s electromagnets move along with you. Video on my stories!


Sun by Philip Schutte is just fun! Handle the big ball with care, please! No throwing, kicking or bouncing. Try raising it high above your head to make the sun rise on screen. Lower it and see a sunset. Like all of the other spaces, there’s definitely sanitizer here and wipes!

Sweepers Clock by Maarten Baas is projected onto a wall upstairs. I like peeking at it after I come out of each exhibit up there. This is a video of two men sweeping trash to match the hands on a clock, for whatever time of day it is.

Daydream V2 by NONOTAK Studio is so mesmerizing. Get up close or stand back, you’ll feel like you’re entering another dimension. I could stare at this for hours. Video in my Instagram stories!

Blooms by John Edmark is just as mesmerizing as Daydream V2. The 3D printed sculptures, that look much like flowers that have bloomed, come to life under strobe lights. Video in my Instagram stories.

Transition by Joost Jordens & Mike Von Rotz may be the closest experience you have to traveling this summer. Grab your virtual reality headset and take this peaceful boat ride.


Come Together by Michael Murphy really shows what can be created if we all work together. From the side or a distance, these little square cubes may just seem like scattered pixels that are open to interpretation. But if you get a little closer and stand at just the right angle (look on the floor for a marker), you’ll see the beauty of being a part of something much bigger.

The Last Word by Illegal Art- pick a piece of rolled paper- any with the red side facing you- and read what the guests of Wonderspaces have to say about themselves and life. Write your own too. There are plenty of pencils, so don’t worry about germs here either as there are containers for ones that have been cleaned and ones that need to be cleaned.

There are much more detailed descriptions of each exhibit and the artists behind them right here on the Wonderspace page. Read before you go or wait until you leave to learn more. I liked reading about them after my visit.

Wondering if you should bring the kids? It is kid friendly and easy to navigate with strollers. There is an elevator to get to the second floor too and big bathrooms. Benches and tables are set up throughout the space so you can relax a bit too. If you do bring the family- children under 16 require adult supervision, children under 3 are free.

With that being said, Wonderspaces is also an excellent spot for some “me” time. Go solo. Relax and explore at your own pace. Take everything in.

Lastly, Wonderspaces can also be great with a partner or friends. Grab some dinner after and discuss what you discovered.

Wonderspaces is a wonderful place to visit right now. It’s spacious, safe and unique. Wonderspaces believes that art is for everyone and art can bring people together. We need art right now, more than ever. We need creativity and a way to connect. For more info, visit their FAQ page.

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