Come see the best of “Abbey Road” performed as Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles comes to Merriam Theater March 13-15th

-Brenda Hillegas
Feature photo by Richard Lovrich

This show will be postponed until a later date. Please visit the Kimmel Center’s website for details and updates. 

Just over 50 years ago, the Beatles released Abbey Road. We all know the words to songs like “Come Together”, “Here Comes the Sun”, “Octopus’s Garden” and so many more from this iconic album. Join the longest running Beatles tribute group, Rain, as the play through Abbey Road this weekend at Philadelphia’s Merriam Theater. Since forming in 1975, expert musicians have toured the world channeling every movement, mannerism and lyric created by John, Paul, George and Ringo.

I spoke with Paul Curatolo who brings Paul McCartney’s presences to stage each night. At ten years old, Curatolo taught himself drums, followed by guitar and piano. Like the Beatles, his pop journey began as a young teenager and he’s been performing for audiences ever since. Come on out this Friday, Saturday, or Sunday to see him along with the other “fab” members of this band as they make you feel like you’re really spending the evening with the Beatles. Tickets are available here.

Q: What’s your earliest memory of the Beatles?
A: I fondly remember hearing Rain perform “Love Me Do” at a fair early in my life. So catchy!

Q: As a child, you taught yourself to play the drums. Why that instrument? What tools did you use to help learn the drums?
A: My drums were given to me on Christmas morning when I was ten, as a gift from my father. Originally I stepped over them (my parents recall) because I was after the video games under the tree! I remember I had received the original NOW CD and also borrowed my parents’ Beatles collection as play-along material.

Q: You’re “Paul” in the show too. In what ways were you able to master details of his personality and stage presence?
A: Sir Paul is one tough cookie, but oh so charming! You can really see and feel the music course through him as he performs. I study not only what he played, but how he danced and felt what he played.

Q: Have you found any comparisons to you and Paul McCartney musically or personally?
A: I tend to be all smiles similar to “Macca”, along with his attention and gift of rhythm/tonality…I hope.

Q: Your father, Joey Curatolo, also plays “Paul” at select Rain performances. What advice did he give you in regards to this show and your role?
A: Pops has since focused his efforts on his position as Music Director/Producer of the entire show, so he’s still always about teaching me new tricks everyday!

Q: This tour of Rain will be covering the best of Abbey Road. What’s your favorite song from that album?
A: It really depends on the day and mood I’m in. There is no ‘best’ song on this record. It’s a masterpiece!

Q: As a performer with Rain, is there a particular show or tour stop that stood out for you? If so, what/where?
A: Debuting our show on the West End in London, England has been the highlight of my career with the show thus far.

Q: What can you tell Philly about the show? Why should they come see it?
A: It’s the premiere Beatles show that reaches out and unites over three generations of Beatles fans every night the curtain goes up. You simply must join us!

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