Wow your family with Cirque Dreams Holidaze at Merriam Theater- now through 12/29th!

-Brenda Hillegas

In a word. WOW. If you’re looking for something to do this weekend in Philadelphia, do not look beyond Cirque Dreams Holidaze at the Kimmel Center’s Merriam Theater (until 12/29). This incredible show, now in its 12th touring season, brings together performers of all kinds- and from various parts of the world- to present a show unlike anything you have ever experienced before. If you’re a fan of acrobatics, breath-taking tricks, “how did they do that?” moments, and holiday cheer…this is for you!

Cirque Dreams Holidazes gathers an array of holiday magic through beloved seasonal tunes like “Jingle Bell Rock”, “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”, “Deck the Halls” and more. All performed live by singers and dancers. But that’s certainly not all! From snowmen, gingerbread men, dancing soldiers, Santa, to a contortionist, balancing acts, jugglers, skaters, and aerialists- you won’t believe your eyes as over 20 astonishing scenes take place in front of you to enhance this holiday season.

Family celebrations like Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas and New Year’s are portrayed through colorful set and hundreds of creative, shiny costumes. In two acts (about a two hour show with intermission), you’ll be immersed in a theatre performance that’s part circus and part musical with a lot of laughs and gasps. You’ll watch aerialists spiral high above the Merriam stage, barely hanging on to one another as they fly with ease. You’ll be astonished by Lorenzo Bernardi from Italy who can twist and bend his body in a way that not many can! Jugglers take on more objects than you think they can handle- oh, but they do! There’s also a “penguin” who masters the talent of balancing while kicking stacked dishes/cups onto his head. And you’ll witness amazing dancers, twirlers, tight-rope walkers, and a duo that quickly changes into a lot of different and dazzling costumes in minutes (read our interview with them here). You definitely won’t take your eyes of the stage for this show! This production is elaborate and beautiful…just like Christmastime!

Every performer puts hours of hard work, practice, and patience into their acts so they can bring audiences an amazing show each night. Cirque Dreams exists so that these performers and their unique talents can be showcased throughout the world. There are plenty of opportunities in the United States to see a variety of the brand’s shows with themes like jungle, Broadway, vaudeville, rock and roll, even a dinner theatre performance. Their company hires 10,000 talented artists from across the globe to amaze you with a variety of unthinkable acts. Right now, in Philadelphia, you can experience the magic of the holiday season with Cirque Dreams Holidaze.

Cirque Dreams Holidaze is a no-brainer family fun outing. There’s no way anyone would walk of this show with something bad to say. Do not miss it. For more information about Cirque Dreams shows and tickets to Holidaze specifically, visit their official website.  Performances this weekend include Friday the 27th at 2pm or 7pm, Saturday the 28th at 11am/3pm/8pm, and Sunday the 29th at 3pm.

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