Scott Patterson comes to Keystone Comic Con this weekend

by Ann Moschorak

Last spring, we spoke with Philadelphia-area native Scott Patterson (aka Gilmore Girls’ Luke Danes) about the launch of his own coffee company, Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee. If you aren’t subscribed to Philadelphia RowHome Magazine, you can read the interview in our digital archive here.  

We recently checked in with Patterson again to find out what he’s been up to and how far his projects have progressed since our last chat. With his planned appearance at this weekend’s Keystone Comic Con in Philadelphia and new products about to be launched from his successful coffee brand, Patterson had a lot to share. 

SCOTT PATTERSONQ: What are your plans for the Keystone Comic Con? Will you be speaking or doing a meet/greet?
A: Well, I’ll be meeting fans for photo ops and autographs, and I’ll be doing a panel on Saturday, so pretty exciting stuff.

Q: What fandoms are your favorites- comic books, television shows, etc? Anyone or anything you’re looking forward to seeing at Keystone?
A: I loved Batman and Superman comics growing up – as did everyone – and loved the original Superman and Batman TV series. I actually saw Adam West a few years ago on the Warner Brothers lot. I was in a golf cart heading to a sound stage and when I spotted Mr. West and asked the driver to divert towards him, as I just had to have an autograph and photo. Unfortunately, he slipped into his trailer when we were about 150 feet out and I didn’t get a chance to meet him. I was yelling out but he didn’t hear me and I didn’t want to bang on his trailer door because that just isn’t done. I did snap a photo of me standing next to his trailer door with “ADAM WEST” typed on paper attached to the door, so that’s something! Basically, I stalked Adam West at Warner Bros for about five minutes. I bet he looked out his window and thought another deranged fan left a tour group to hunt him down for a photo. He would have been partly right. I remember when Pacino’s trailer was right across the street on the Warner lot when they were shooting one of the Oceans movies. I ambled on over to ask the PA if I could meet him and she just laughed in my face. Hey, I’m from South Jersey and I wanted a meeting with Michael Corleone to discuss a piece of business! I took a shot. That’s all you can do (this is the credo of the deranged fan, BTW).

Q: How is Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee doing? Anything new to share about the business since we spoke last year?
A: Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee is doing great! We are going to announce some news pretty soon as we are coming out with a delicious House Blend in 12oz bags that will be available on Amazon. What’s exciting is we are adding to this 12oz mix a superfood that will – taste-wise – knock your socks off. 

We aren’t discarding the cascara anymore. We’ve decided to grind the cascara into powder form and add some to each bag of the ground coffee. The health benefits are amazing as well as the benefit to the planet because 46 billion (with a B) pounds of cascara is discarded into streams, rivers and fields in source countries creating all kinds of negative environmental issues. We are trying as a company to do our part to reverse that and use vitamin-rich cascara in our coffee. It’s a win-win-win; the customer gets the health boost and flavor enhancing properties of the powdered cascara mixed in, we create jobs in source countries relative to the collection and processing of this powder, and we are cleaning up the environment at the same time. 

I think that’s pretty cool knowing that each one of our customers who purchases a bag of the House Blend will contribute to so many positive, life-affirming and ecologically responsible behaviors. I am really proud of our team for working so long and hard to make this happen. Customers will need to be a little bit more patient because we want it to be perfect, but it’s coming and it will be a thing, for sure.


Q: Your character, Luke, on Gilmore Girls serves coffee as well. How else are you and Luke alike? Do you think Luke would serve Scotty P’s at his diner?
A: Luke always did serve Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee at his diner. I just didn’t tell anyone. Similarities between me and Luke? Hmm. Let’s see…hard working, no BS small town guys. But there are far more differences than anything. Listen, I couldn’t have played him if I didn’t connect and you can’t connect unless that tuning fork goes off in your heart and that happened when I read the pilot script. I was born to play that guy.

Q: When was the last time you were in the Philadelphia area? What are you looking forward to doing/seeing/eating while you’re not at Keystone?
A: I was in Philly for the Amfar/Keihl’s LifeRide 2016. We ended the ride in Philly after bombing through six or seven states over an eleven day period. Total blast. I then went down to the Jersey Shore with my band and played a show in Ocean City, NJ. It was a good trip. I’m going to try and get back to my hometown of Haddonfield, NJ one evening while I am doing the Keystone Comic Con. Hope I have time. We’ll see.

Q: Your band SMITHRADIO recently performed at a charity event in LA to benefit AIDS research. Where can fans see your band next? Any upcoming charity events?
A: We have some gigs coming up and I’ll announce on social media when I have more info.

Q: What else have you been working on that you’d like to share?
A: Running the coffee company is a full time job so that is the priority going forward. I do find time to rehearse with the band and write new material, but I still have plenty of time for my wife and young son. I’m trying to find time to write a book, but that’s tough right now. I have plenty on my plate at the moment, but the minute I feel it’s taking away from spending time with my family then I will axe what needs to be axed, no questions asked.


Be sure to catch Scott Patterson this weekend, August 23-25, right here in Philadelphia! For all you need to know about the Keystone Comic Con, visit To meet Scott and purchase autograph and photo op tickets (as well as Scott’s Spotlight panel, which takes place on Saturday), visit this link

To check out Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee, visit

Stay tuned for updates on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, as well as Scott’s band website which can be found here.

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