A Unique Art Experience at Penn School of Design

photos by Kait Merritt

On Saturday, April 20th, Philadelphia RowHome Magazine was invited to ARC 2.0: Contra. ARC combines classical arts with nontraditional venues and encourages collaborations between artists across all mediums. You can read their mission statement, learn more and find out about their upcoming events here. The event included dinner, drinks, and an immersive art performance with opera, dancers, models, digital arts, and fashion.

Penn School of Design students collaborated with Philadelphia designer Nancy Volpe-Beringer to show off various art forms. The school’s Meyerson Hall was transformed from dinner space to theatre to dance floor all within one incredible evening.

ARC 2.0 Contra included performances and work by ARC founders Erin Alcorn (soprano) and Michael McGuirk (filmmaker) as well as Ting Ting Wong (piano), Lenny Ranallo (guitar), Phil Watts (violin), Chang Zhang (violin), Adam Kohlbus (viola), Elizabeth Brown (cello), Nancy Volpe Beringer (fashion), Penn Design Looks (fashion), Davon Smith (dancer), O’Shae L Sibley (dancer), Elaf Saeed (visuals), VJ the DJ, and Ranika JZ as the evening’s announcer.

Music selections were picked by Alcorn and featured composers from the early 1800s to the present day. Beringer created textiles and unique wearable art using repurposed materials. Her goal is to create zero waste. McGuirk uses visuals and themes such as science and pop culture.

Follow Arc Immersive on Facebook here. To learn more about Nancy Volpe Beringer, visit her website at www.nancyberinger.com.

The evening’s sponsors included: University of Pennsylvania School of Design, Yards Brewery, South Philly Barbacoa, Waterloo Sparkling Water, GAPSA, Nancy Volpe Beringer, Wharton Graduate Association, Penn Dental Medicine, Penn School of Social Policy and Practice, College of Liberal and Professional Studies, and Honeygrow.


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