Exclusive Interview! The Grinch Himself Speaks to RowHome Magazine!

by Brenda Hillegas
photos courtesy of CJM Public Relations

I spent a few hours with the Grinch last night! The iconic, mean, furry and green guy himself. You know him from television and movies, you know him as the guy who stole Christmas (and then gave it back?!) to the Whos, you know him because he has been a big part of the holiday season since 1957! And we, the good people of Philadelphia, are really lucky (believe it or not) to have the Grinch here (in Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas the Musical) until December 29th!

I’m very thankful that Mr. Grinch took some time out of his miserable life to actually speak to me about the show! Check it out:

Dr Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas! the Musical

Q: How the Grinch Stole Christmas just started touring for the season. How has it been going so far?
A: It has been an absolute pleasure! I enjoy all the admiration… it sustains me during this grotesque Holiday season.

Q: The movie version dates way back to 1966. What was your first reaction when you were asked to reprise your role after all those years for the musical version?
A: What took them so long to do an obviously genius production?!

Q: In your opinion, who portrayed you better- Jim Carrey in 2000 or Benedict Cumberbatch just this past October?
A: In my opinion, the more the world emulates my historically spectacular exuberance, the better the world will become. They should tell my story with a new star every year.

Q: What’s your favorite song from the musical? Why?
A: The finale because everyone leaves knowing they are better people just having been in my vicinity for 90 minutes*.

Q: Broadway Philadelphia will be doing their first ever sensory friendly show with How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Doesn’t that make you feel all warm and tingly inside?
A: I don’t do warm and tingly, but I am always delighted to spread the word of Christmas misery to all the children of Philadelphia.

Q: I saw that you recently met Gritty here in Philly. How did that go? Who was more star struck?
A: He’s disgusting and clearly insane! You must be as well if you think I can be impressed so easily!

Q: What are your favorite holiday traditions?
A: Sleeping in silence.

Q: What are you excited to do in Philly during your downtime?
A: There is no rest for the wicked and these Whos are as wicked as they come! I will be constantly busy taking their horrible happiness away all though the new year!

Q: Why should people in Philadelphia come see your show?
A: If they love witnessing perfection and outstanding showmanship then COME SEE ME IN ALL MY GRINCHY GLORY!

Q: It looks like Philly is the last stop for the musical this year. What will you be doing until next Christmas?
A: Relishing over all the great deeds I was able undo in such a short amount of time!

20 - The 2016 Touring Company of Dr. Seuss_ HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS! The Musical


You heard the Grinch! Go see him in all of his “Grincy glory”. Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas the Musical will whisk you away straight into Whoville! The set design is absolutely breathtaking with colors that pop and pages from the story book coming to life. You are no longer in Philadelphia. You’ll meet Cindy Lou Who, Max the dog, and a bunch of other fun characters!

*And yes, Mr. Grinch, everyone does leave the theatre knowing they are better people! This show teaches children (okay, and adults) some very valuable lessons. Be nice to the grumps in your life, maybe your smile will warm their icy heart and make it grow! And material items aren’t important- it’s the people you are with and the memories you make that really matter.

The Grinch is (not) looking forward to seeing you at the Merriam Theatre (there’s a sing-a-long number!), but come anyway! Celebrate the magic of Christmas with with him…but when you get home, lock your doors and block your chimneys just in case!

Tickets are available here. The sensory-friendly performance takes place December 22nd at 11am. To help your loved ones prepare for this performance, you can read some pre-visit stories and what expect at the theatre here.

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