A Visit to The Glow: A Jack O’Lantern Experience at West Fairmount Park; Now Until 10/28

by Lauren Lamantia


Sponsored by the Fairmount Park Conservancy, The GLOW located at West Fairmount Park features a family-friendly environment welcoming all things Halloween. A one-third-mile trail embarked with up to 5,000 hand carved jack o’lanterns gives off a gorgeous scenery illuminating the night. The pumpkin carvings range from spooky smiles to look-a-likes of famous musicians, movie stars, superheroes, princesses and famous Philadelphians. In addition to the many themed vendors, a special tribute to our beloved Philadelphia Eagles was presented catching everyone’s attention. Following with the famous touchdown song “Fly Eagles Fly” being played in the background!

The Glow offers a variety of fun activities for all ages. Before entering the trail, children could choose from different types of illuminated goods such as light-up skull necklaces, A L.E.D sword, and even a glow in the dark princess crown located at the merchandise station. Another area to adore was a Beer Garden for the 21+ crowd. Snacks there ranged from pretzels to cornbread and cookies, even having the option to have a warm cup of hot chocolate or cider during the chilly night.



When embarking on the most desired trail, a display of colorful pumpkins welcomed you into the night, introducing you to the fantastic pumpkin encrusted art that lied ahead. My guest and I were breathless at every piece, wondering how every touch was detailed to perfection. Although the event was Halloween themed, the environment was family oriented and fun rather than being scary. The only frightening segment resulting in laughter from everyone was the New England Patriot’s graveyard featuring the team’s tombstone!

image3 (1)

image1 (1)

After your journey on the trail, a pumpkin patch was free to roam as guest looked at all the pumpkins that differed in size. A memorable touch was the opportunity to take your favorite pumpkin home. Small pumpkins were $3, as large was only $5. This being said, we enjoyed seeking around the pumpkin patch finding a special one to add to our collection this year! To see The Glow yourself tickets can be found on their website along with further dates, location and times that accommodate you. We sincerely hope to come back next year; we had a blast!

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