Chef Mitzi Jackson’s Twist on the Philadelphia Food Scene

-Joei DeCarlo

On Saturday, April 28, 2019, guests filled the Johnnie Walker Lounge above Chinatown Square to celebrate Private Chef Mitzi Jackson’s new brand, Twist: The Art of Soulful Fusion. You may have read about Mitzi in previous issues of RowHome Magazine or watched her on season six of Food Network’s Guy’s Grocery Games. This weekend’s pop-up event consisted of a six-course food and three-course wine tasting. The concept behind Twist is a mix between French and Southern cuisines, including health-conscious options. Mitzi is a private chef for professional athletes and has worked as an executive chef in restaurants with over 10 years of culinary experience.

With tasty skills up her sleeve, Mitzi served the following courses:

Collard Green Cornbread Muffin– Honey Cornbread muffin filled with braised collard greens and paired with a candied yam butter. This dish had a deliciously crunchy outside and a soft textured inside. The collard greens added a savory twist to a traditional bite, and the yam butter gave it a sweet finish.

Riesling White Wine- a great offset to the sweetness of the yam butter.

Chicken and Waffle Slider- French vanilla and red velvet waffle “twisted” together, filled with a juicy piece of jerk chicken and paired with a french vanilla and cream cheese anglaise. The chicken was one of my favorite parts of the entire evening. It had just the right amount of seasonings with a crunchy dredge that paired well with the fluffy, sweet waffle.

Glazed Salmon Bite- no description needed!

Dornfelder Red Wine- this wine was my favorite of the evening! It was sweet and paired well with sweetness of the salmon glaze.

Double Down Burger- A burger made with veal, pork, and grass fed beef, topped with melted provolone cheese and shredded chicken dripping with buffalo sauce.

Stuffed Portobello Mushroom- Couscous and quinoa blend stuffed mushroom over braised kale and cabbage medley.

Cocobon Red Wine- a smokey red blend from California.

White Chocolate Bread Pudding- Southern bread pudding made with notes of vanilla and white chocolate morsels.


We wish Chef Mitzi Jackson the best of luck on the launch of Twist, and hope you get to experience her delicious dishes! To learn more about Twist, visit their website here:

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