Wesseh Freeman, 1976-2018

Courtesy of Shane Speal


It crushes me to write this email.

My friend, Wesseh Freeman died on February 27th at the age of 41.  He was struck and killed by a motorist in his hometown of Monrovia, Liberia.

I loved Wesseh so much.  He was master musician who built his own guitar, even while suffering almost complete blindness.  Soon after seeing a viral video of him two years ago, I contacted his friends in Monrovia and started raising funds to provide him with a home and food.  Together with Sach from O!Chips and Pastor George Monten Toe, we made sure this light of Liberia had a home.

As a subscriber of [my emails], you probably know I had been giving money to Wesseh and Pastor George.  We also sent a whole bunch of clothes to the children in the neighborhood.  (Which ironically just arrived in Liberia).

I’m going to pay for his funeral one way or another.  For now, I started this GoFundMe campaign to raise $1600 for all expenses.  If that doesn’t work, I’ll try other things.

This week sucks.  Pastor George is a mess.  As a young minister, this is his very first funeral…and it’s one of his closest friends.  Pray for him, please.

If you want to help, please donate.  Any money over the funeral cost threshold will go toward the school we’ve been building.

The school will now be named after Wesseh.

And yes, I will continue to support Pastor George for as long as I live.


Shane Speal is a Pennsylvania musician, historian and instrument builder. He calls himself the King of the Cigar Box Guitar. Speal is recognized as the creator of the modern cigar box guitar movement. He is also the creator of http://www.cigarboxnation.com. 

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