A Hidden Gem: Art in the Navy Yard

by Moriah Kelley


The Navy Yard- I think of it as Philadelphia’s best hidden gem- is one of the most whimsical landscapes I have ever visited in the city. Yesterday afternoon, I stopped by the beautiful porch of building 101 to celebrate a new art opening with installations curated by artists Nate Harris and Miriam Singer.

The Gate Keepers is just one of the four installations by Nate Harris. Other works created by him at the Navy Yard include overhead banners at Crescent Park, playful figurations on the sun lawn steps at Central Green, and a black-and-white abstract mural along the Delaware River waterfront. PIDC and the Mural Arts Philadelphia have commissioned Harris to create work around the Navy Yard, encouraging visitors to come take a look at the location’s natural beauty, and create natural exploration and playfulness through public art.

Artist Miriam Singer unveiled a new graphic look for the Navy Yard. Her exploration map graphic sets the tone for getting visitors excited about the Navy Yard and all the interesting places to explore while here.

Speaking at The Gate Keepers reception was Jane Golden, Executive Director of the Mural Arts Philadelphia, who stated “Sometimes it’s not about murals. It’s about doing art in public spaces and encouraging other to experience it.” This statement represents the want to have the general public come and experience the charm and history of the Navy Yard.

I spent my afternoon at the Navy Yard taking in the historical landscape, art installations, and just enjoying the ability to walk along the waterfront. I cannot wait to go back, and i recommend that others who want to cure their wanderlust (on a budget) come here as well! The Navy Yard’s rich history also includes historic buildings, naval ships, and much more. 

Follow @muralarts , @PIDCphila, and @NavyYardPhila for more about the Navy Yard, upcoming events and art installations. You can also visit the Navy Yard page on the Mural Arts website here

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