Story Telling Comedian Jeff Simmermon Heads to Good Good Comedy Theatre in Philadelphia

-Kelley Bregenzer
(photo courtesy of The Syndicate)

There’s a moment on Jeff Simmermon’s debut comedy album, And I Am Not Lying, where he punctuates stories of his chicken bandmates (yes, actual chickens) and being dissed by the Reverand Al Sharpton to narrow in on what’s inspired him to share his life with others.

“If you got something weird and wonderful and creative to do that nobody gets, just keep doing it. Just keep at it and people will ignore you, they’ll leave you behind, but then you’ll start getting good at it, you’ll find your audience,” he says

Simmermon brings his acerbic, southern-gothic style of humor back to Philadelphia for Good Good Comedy Theatre’s weekly stand-up show, “The Dance,” on Saturday, June 10 at 11:30 p.m. Good Good thrives on eccentricity.

Even by comedic standards, Simmermon is unique. The Virginia-born, New York City-based performer’s album of comedic narratives- which will be released on June 9th by Comedy Dynamics– is a collection of oft-unbelievable, but still true, episodes.

“It’s just something I heard [people say] growing up in Virginia,” Simmermon says about the album’s title, “whenever they weren’t lying, but they were telling you something that they were definitely making more awesome.”

Awesome, indeed.

Audiences can expect to hear tales of the variety show Simmermon and friends produce in New York at UCB East. In addition to stand-up comedy and live music, the show features burlesque acts, a fire-spitter and an expert bull-lassoer. Talk about variety.

The album also takes on other real-life struggles, some as trivial as carrying groceries on the subway, some as serious as cancer and others as weird as taming kangaroos on the Australian Outback. (Instead of me butchering these bits in print, I suggest you take a listen yourself for maximum humor).

What remains consistent throughout is Simmermon’s dedication to the craft: the art of humor.

“I love telling stories about something that happened in a way that entertains people, because even if it wasn’t all that funny when it happened, that other people can have a whole a lot of fun with it later means a lot to me,” he says.

Simmermon has won multiple Moth StorySLAMS, including a GrandSLAM. His stories have appeared on This American LifeThe Moth’s podcast and in The Paris Review Daily. Learn all about his stories, projects, writing, shows and more, head over to

See Simmermon, joined by other comedians from up and down the east coast, this Saturday at one of our favorite places in the city, Good Good Comedy Theater (BYOB, 11th and Race Streets). Purchase your $5 tickets for this week’s show here.

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