The Buzz: A Craft Coffee, Beer & Spirits Festival

by Brenda Hillegas

Last night, we headed over to the Free Library on Vine for a new, and very fun, get together via Home Brewed Events. The Buzz: A Craft Coffee, Beer & Spirits allowed patrons to sample some of our area’s best coffee, tea, cocktails and beer. Here’s what we discovered…


First of all. That view from the rooftop! The event took place in a spacious room with access to the library’s rooftop deck.

Here we go…early birds getting their drink on!


I saw some familiar faces and businesses, and finally got to sample some of the local distilleries that I have yet to visit. Eight Oaks Craft Distillers, and Philadelphia Distilling are always welcomed in my book and I never say no to a chat and a drink. Warmer weather means I’ll finally get around to visiting their locations and touring the distilleries. I also was pleased to meet Cooper River Distillers and Ploughman Cider. The best part of events like this is the ability to learn about and sample from vendors you didn’t already know. Of course, Philadelphia favorites such as Yards Brewing Co.Conshohocken Brewing Co.Saint Benjamin Brewing Company and Vault Brewing Co. were also available to pour their brews.

Even if you aren’t a big drinker of beer or liquor, there were samples from Philly Fair Trade RoastersChocamo Cookie Cups (with a little bit of beer if you please), Mugshots Coffee HouseUnited By BlueGreenstreet Coffee RoastersPretty Bird CoffeeReanimator Coffee and Inspired Brews (which made for an excellent cocktail with Eight Oaks Vodka) to keep you going.

This was a really nice pre-dinner event (my friend and I went on to scarf down poke bowls in Chinatown while feeling slightly buzzed). It was unfortunate that many people I know couldn’t join me due to being away for Easter. More for me, I say. I think the turn out was great and the vendors were perfectly picked. So, if you weren’t there, you missed out. Sure there are plenty of similar festivals in Philadelphia that take place each month, but it was easy to see that this was something special due to the location and the small, carefully curated group of businesses on hand.


The weather were excellent. The samples were plentiful. The ability to sit out on the roof deck catching up with friends is not something to take for granted. Please keep an eye on Home Brewed Events and everything they have coming up. Hopefully we’ll see all of you, and The Buzz, next year.

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