Azuka Theatre Presents World Premiere of Carroll County Fix By Val Dunn

-Courtesy of Aversa PR & Events
photo by Johanna Austin/

Azuka Theatre presents the World Premiere of Carroll County Fix By Val Dunn, directed by Priyanka Shetty. The show runs now through March 20, 2022, at the Proscenium Theatre at The Drake (302 S. Hicks Street).

Carroll County Fix is a World Premiere by a Philadelphia playwright.  This summer, Tess has a plan: make a boundary-pushing documentary in the local Walmart parking lot, get a full-ride to a fancy film school, and say goodbye to Carroll County for good. With her best friend Rach home from college, now’s the time to make it happen. But as these two try to tell their town’s story, they find themselves asking: do they still agree on what that story is?

Carroll County Fix by Val Dunn takes us out of the city to a town that was once rural, but is now an exurban area outside of Baltimore,” said Reva Stover, Artistic Director. “This play is inhabited by young people with big dreams and their parents who don’t quite understand them. All of these characters are completely unique and utterly relatable at the same time. A lot of us have spent extra time with our loved ones and in deep reflection mode over the past year and a half, and will relate to the shifting relationships and desires for something MORE that these characters are grappling with. Carroll County Fix is part small town story, part romance, part family drama, part laugh-out-loud comedy. This one is for the dreamer in all of us.”

Azuka continues its continued dedication to supporting local artists and raising up Philadelphia voices. Dunn is part of the Azuka New Pages Writer’s Group and the show features a who’s who of experienced and emerging local artists. For this production,  amid a chorus of croaking frogs, rattling pill bottles, wry humor and heartfelt humanity, Carroll County Fix pushes past small-town clichés to explore the deep currents of change wracking rural communities. The cast includes Lorenza Bernasconi (she/her) as Tess, Anna Faye Lieberman (she/they) as Rach, Paige Whitman (she/they) as Crash, Adam Howard (he/him) as Stinky Pete and Steven Anthony Wright (he/him) as Paul. Azuka continues its pay-what-you-decide model for this show where audiences are invited to experience the art on stage and pay based on the value of their experience after. For reservations, visit

Carroll County Fix runs 100 minutes with no intermission and is recommended for ages 13+. The 2021-2022 season is presented with support from sponsor Harmelin Media. For the health and safety of patrons, cast, crew and staff, Azuka will require that audience members present proof of vaccination and wear a mask while in the venue, aligning with the safety protocols outlined by Theatre Philadelphia.

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