Eat Syrian Street Food at Pita Chip to Help Afghan Refugees

-Courtesy of Peter Breslow Consulting & Public Relations

Pita Chip, the Modern Middle Eastern quick-serve restaurant with locations on Temple University’s Campus and in University City, has introduced a new sandwich called Malik al- Batata, which translates to “King Potato” in English, and pays homage to a popular French fry sandwich that locals enjoy throughout Syria.

The Malik al-Batata, which customers can only order online, features halal chicken shawarma, crispy French fries, pickles, and spicy garlic sauce, all stuffed into a warm pita. The sandwich is priced at $14, with proceeds from the sale of every sandwich donated to Nationalities Service Center <> to help Afghan refugees living in the United States.

“Syrians eat this sandwich as a treat in the afternoon,” said Pita Chip Co-founder Omar Alsaadi. “The French fry sandwich is a big deal in the Middle East, and I wanted to put our own spin on this treat while also remaining true to our menu and what we do. Adding chicken shawarma makes it much more substantial as a meal, but if you ask anyone who grew up in Syria, they will tell you that they remember ordering a Malik al-Batata on the street as a child. My hope is that Philadelphians will be interested in trying what I feel is one of the best street food creations anywhere, while helping Afghan refugees who have been relocated here.” 

Pita Chip’s menu includes hummus and sides, as well as salad bowls, rice bowls, and wraps, with proteins including chicken shawarma, beef shawarma, falafel, and roasted veggies available. Learn more and/or order the sandwich by visiting

Nationalities Service Center (NSC) is a leading provider of comprehensive services for immigrants and refugees in the Greater Philadelphia Area. Its mission is to empower immigrants to thrive in our communities and pursue a just future. It offers a wide range of integrated services, including free and low-cost legal services, food access, health access, mental health treatment, job placement and readiness training, and ESL. By offering a truly comprehensive support system, NSC helps immigrants and refugees to create safe, healthy, and self-sustaining lives for themselves and their families. Founded in 1921 under the auspices of the YWCA, NSC annually serves more than 5,000 individuals from 120 countries around the world—including victims of trafficking, torture, persecution, crime, and domestic violence.  

Following the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, NSC committed to resettling 500 Afghan evacuees, one-third of the total for the state of Pennsylvania. NSC’s “Transforming Welcome” fund ensures that Afghan evacuees, and all people fleeing their homes under untenable circumstances, have a warm welcome, a comfortable home, and a good start at a new life. Learn more by visiting

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